15 Photoshop Mistakes

We decided to examine the subject of poor Photoshopping that makes it’s way to print with the latest cases along with some of the best classic Photoshop disasters we’ve found around the web.

Maybe a shark was swimming around and ate her other leg.

OMG! The crackless lady!

We always need an extra hand.

At least they can share their nail enamel.

A 9.8 feet long leg girl!

Scary floating plate, who is handling it?

Braking The Cycle is an AIDS charity, which would normally exempt them from poo flinging – but they actually did break the cycle.

A mutant hand baby.

High School Musical 2: Designer Still In Grade School.

Her diet was so effective she lost pounds and a leg.

Playboy: Clone Tool Beats Belly Button.

A top model half human half zebra.

Amy Winehouse – what is this fascination with female celebrities and their 3rd hand?

The multimillionaire video game company saved 12 dollars instead of buying the image from iStockPhoto. Cute watermark.

Yo Tyler, you might want to listen-share-learn a little bit yourself. If you’re running an ad in Print magazine for Wacom, you might want not to make a mess of the Photoshopping.

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