Tire Change With Dad

Comedian and Youtuber Charlie Berens brings more of his great Wisconsin humor with a learning lesson from a disappointed father

This Is Where You Can Find All Of The MCU’s Infinity Stones

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has pretty much been built around the Infinity Stones. Often called “Infinity Gems” in the comics, these mystic superpowered baubles have shown up in almost every Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date — and it’s all been leading to Infinity War. These powerful little rocks have the power to completely destroy the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel fans have seen big bad Thanos plotting to get his hands on them since the first Avengers film. Everything climaxes in Avengers: Infinity War, when he shows up to just take them all for himself, as the comics predicted. But where exactly are the Infinity Stones in the MCU? We’ve encountered most of them already, and it isn’t hard to surmise where in the Marvel Universe the rest might be scattered. Here’s the full rundown of where we can find all of the MCU’s Infinity Stones leading up to Avengers: Infinity War…

Top 10 Genius Hacks For Lazy Parents

Having kids doesn’t mean you should give up on your DIY projects, just… re-focus them. From cardboard seat dividers, to making cleaning into a game, to using a laundry basket at bath time, these hacks will save you time and money. WatchMojo counts down ten genius hacks for lazy parents.