Ryan Gosling Finally Ate His Cereal!

A few years ago we showed you a funny set of gifs by filmmaker Ryan McHenry titled “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal“. In it he tries multiple ways to get Gosling to eat cereal but he always turns away and refuses. The images quickly went viral and hit meme status. Gosling himself got a kick out of them but wanted to clarify with McHenry that he actually did like cereal. Sadly, McHenry the 27-year-old filmmaker died Sunday after a battle with osteosarcoma. Yesterday Gosling paid tribute with this vine showing that he finally ate his cereal

Gosling also tweeted this message:
ryan gosling tweet

The Laws Of The Internet

We’re all familiar with Murphy’s Law, but do you know the laws that rule the internet? Some of these even apply in real life. We’re pretty sure people have been using Godwin’s Law since at least the late 40s. But some of the others never really seemed to have a well known name, until now. Imguraian kivalo has compiled a list of the top internet laws to help you keep track of what’s going on.

The Laws Of The Internet
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