A Look At The Suite Inside Cinderella’s Castle At Walt Disney World

Inside Cinderella's Castle suite at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

When Walt was designing the Magic Kingdom for his new Florida park, he wanted an apartment right in the middle of the action. He already had an apartment above the fire station in Disneyland but for this new park he wanted something more grand. On the top floor or Cinderella’s Castle the Imagineers tucked in a small one bedroom apartment with beautiful views of the entire park. Sadly, Walt never had a chance to stay in this apartment and the space sat empty for decades. The apartment had long been talked about by Disney enthusiasts and some had even written it off as urban legend. But During the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion, Disney finally gave the suite a proper makeover as Cinderellas suite and opened it up for lucky families to spend the night in.

The suite features a foyer, a royal bedchamber, a royal sitting room with a magic mirror that transforms into a TV, and a royal bath with special light effects in the jacuzzi tub and twinkling stars overhead. Any princess would be thrilled to lay her head down in this lavish pad.

Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
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Girls Showing Off Their iPhones

These girls love their iPhones so much they wanted to show them off, and to make sure you got a clear view of the phone, they were nice enough to hold them up to the mirror. This would be a great new marketing campaign for Apple, way better than any U2 song.

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Girls with iPhone in the mirror
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