Super Bowl Hall of Shame: The Worst Luck and Biggest Upsets in the NFL [Infographic]

Super Bowl Hall of Shame

When it comes to football, some teams have all the luck…and some teams have none of the luck. With Super Bowl XLIX (that’s fancy Latin talk for 49) happening on February 1st, we decided to take the road less traveled and shine the spotlight on the NFL teams that experienced seriously big playoff defeats. So before you break out the nachos and hot wings, brush up on your historical NFL team #epicfails and be THAT guy with all the cool/irritating football fail facts at your Super Bowl party.
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Ultimate Redneck Fails Compilation

Thanks to these redneck geniuses when you hear the phrase “Hold my beer!” you know something funny is about to happen. FailArmy spent the last couple years building a solid collection of the funniest redneck, country and hillbilly fails on the internet. Put on some overalls, take a seat on a hay bale and enjoy some epic fails.

Obtainable Life Goals To Make You Feel More Accomplished

These days we always stress ourselves out by setting goals and high standards then never reaching them. All the time it’s the same old same old, get a better job, make more money, exercise more, on and on. Maybe if we set our goals a little lower, we’ll be happy with not only achieving them but exceeding them. So let’s lower the bar a bit with these words of encouragement

More Obtainable Life Goals
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