Christopher Meloni’s Butt, It’s A Meme Now

The Law & Order: SVU star has been causing tidal waves with female fans ever since he rocked his tighty whities on OZ. The grippies didn’t end there, he’s been seen in many episodes of L&O rocking his skivvies, only briefly though. Now the women are taking matters into their own hands and a new batch of memes are popping up highlighting his most prized asset. The meme has been refereed to as the SVU Meme, the Christopher Meloni Meme, or even Christopher Meloni’s Butt. Whatever it’s called let us all celebrate the fact that this guy’s butt got a meme before Kim Kardashian’s butt did.

The meme generally depicts Christpher Meloni’s butt and has text relating to a legal pun to fit with the Law & Order: SVU theme. If you want to make you own, check out the Christopher Meloni Butt Meme generator on imgflip. And don’t forget to show us what perverted things you came up with

Christopher Meloni butt meme
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Selfies With Quokkas Is The New Hotness In Australia

A Quokka is a small marsupial about the size of a cat that can be found on the smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia. They’re adorable and cute but due to their small number they’re protected which means touching one of these little guys will get you slapped with a $300 fine. This has led to tourists taking selfies with them to get around the ‘touching them’ part. The #quokkaselfie hashtag is gaining traction on social media as more and more people are jumping in on the action with these photogenic little critters. For good reason too, these pictures are great. But it would be better with a Beaver, just sayin’.. #BeaverSelfie seems surprisingly underused.

Funny Quokka Selfie
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