7 things men should never wear

Seven Things No Self-Respecting Man Should Ever Wear

The well-dressed man can be seen in made-to-order suits on the high end and many well thought out ensembles on the way down. But sometimes, bad judgment overtakes reason, and we get these seven things no self-respecting man should ever wear.

1) Crocs

Unless you are either (a) seven years old or (b) working in a hospital, there is no excuse for this. Not only do you look like a total moron, but seriously, pastel shoes made of plastic? Really? What’s next, a shirt made out of green Saran Wrap? That’s waterproof too, douchebag.
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80s McFashions

McDonald’s came up with a lot of amazing stuff in the 80s, from McNugget Noir to Jason Alexander’s McDLT enthusiasm, but this new find really takes the cake..er… burger.

McFashion. Apparently, in the 1988, the McDonald’s employee catalogue was filled with “The Smile Makers”, which was, from what we can tell, “employees” wearing McDonald’s brand clothing with such joy and excitement, you’d think they were high as kites.
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