The Truth About Flying

Pilots and airline employees confess their dark secrets about flying and the airline industry

Pilots are sleeping most of the time
Sleeping airline pilots
1/2 of pilots sleep while flying and 1/3 of the time they wake up to find their partner asleep

The story behind those oxygen masks
If the oxygen masks drop down, you only have about 15 minutes of oxygen from the point of pulling them down. However, that is more than enough time for the pilot to take the plane to a lower altitude where you can breathe normally. More important – at altitude, you have 15-20 seconds before you pass out. Put yours on first, then do your kids. Passing out for a few seconds won’t harm them.

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A Look At The Suite Inside Cinderella’s Castle At Walt Disney World

Inside Cinderella's Castle suite at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

When Walt was designing the Magic Kingdom for his new Florida park, he wanted an apartment right in the middle of the action. He already had an apartment above the fire station in Disneyland but for this new park he wanted something more grand. On the top floor or Cinderella’s Castle the Imagineers tucked in a small one bedroom apartment with beautiful views of the entire park. Sadly, Walt never had a chance to stay in this apartment and the space sat empty for decades. The apartment had long been talked about by Disney enthusiasts and some had even written it off as urban legend. But During the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion, Disney finally gave the suite a proper makeover as Cinderellas suite and opened it up for lucky families to spend the night in.

The suite features a foyer, a royal bedchamber, a royal sitting room with a magic mirror that transforms into a TV, and a royal bath with special light effects in the jacuzzi tub and twinkling stars overhead. Any princess would be thrilled to lay her head down in this lavish pad.

Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
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Popularity Of Star Wars Vs Star Trek By State

The helpful gang over at Movoto Blog did some digging and crunched the numbers to find out which states liked which sci fi franchise. In the battle of Star Wars vs Star Trek, we of course believe Star Wars is far superior, so this list and these maps simply reinforce why we shouldn’t live in Oregon ;)

Star Wars vs Star Trek

Some may tell you to live long and prosper. Others may wish that the Force be with you.

These famous lines, as well as many others, are just some of the reasons “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” have become two of the most iconic and essential science fiction franchises in history.

Still, there’s a bit of a rift between these two factions. Some stick with Klingons and Ferengis, while others are all about the Wookies and Storm Troopers, and there’s often a little bit of a rivalry between the sides. So, where is each fandom strongest?

That’s what the Movoto Real Estate Blog set out to find, and, as you can see by the maps, we didn’t even have to go as far as the Dagobah System or Risa to find it. What spurred our curiosity? Well, we may be in the business of selling houses, but we’re also really into sci-fi. Seriously, have you seen our fictional evaluations?

If you want to find out how we did it, all you have to do is go on to the next section.
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Superhero Height Chart [Infographic]

marvel character height chart

Chances are, if you clicked on this post, then you know a thing or two about superheroes. It’s probably safe to assume that you’re hip to some basic trivia about the most popular cartoon crimefighters. You know…things like their origin stories, classic costumes, catchphrases, famous nemeses, etc. But have you ever noticed that our knowledge in one basic area of superhero factoids “comes up short?” That’s right: Height. How TALL are these guys?! Is Spidey a munchkin compared to Captain America? Could you wear heels on a date with Thor? Would Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck stand eye to eye?

Thirst no more ye parched knowledge seekers! We have your answer. We have gathered the most popular superheroes from The Marvel universe, and amassed them all here in our Superhero Height chart. Be sure to click the image below for a larger, more detailed view:

The Marvel Superhero Height Chart
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