12 Unbelievable Courtroom Moments Caught on Tape

The courtroom is supposed to be a place where law and order reign supreme, and for the most part it is. However, there are occasions when it can turn scary, wild, and downright unpredictable. It’s not hard to understand why when you consider what’s at stake. Nevertheless, these 12 Unbelievable Courtroom Moments Caught on Tape will catch you off-guard.

*And yes, a number of these are Not Safe For Work, so please keep that in mind if you’re around sensitive ears.

1. Penelope Soto
Soto appeared to be impaired by Xanax when she stood in front of her sentencing judge and received her punishment in February 2013. The young lady made things much worse with an unprofessional attitude and repeatedly laughing at the judge while he’s trying to speak to her. After she hears the full extent of her punishment, it ceases to be funny, and she responds with some creative sign language. Needless to say, things go from bad to worse, and yes, she did end up apologizing.

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Rare Photos From Inside The Hindenburg

Before it’s ill fated 1937 landing in Lakehurst, New Jersey, the Hindenburg was a flagship of a new luxury form of travel. It had already made numerous flights around Europe and a trip to Rio de Janeiro before that tragic evening in May. Since this was supposed to be super luxurious, it’s no surprise the inside was decked out. It’s not as swanky as the Titanic was, but it’s still infinitely better than flying coach on Spirit Airlines. These rare photographs show what the relaxing interior looked like

Rare Photos From Inside The Hindenburg
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Which Pets Are Most Liked In Every State

>The gang at Movoto fetched the data and visualized how America’s favorite critters stack up in all 50 states. Spoiler alert: It’s looking ruff for cats.

Most Liked Pets Maps

Since the beginning of civilization as we know it, a great battle has raged on. It has crossed cultures, spanned centuries, divided people, and ruined families with a fierce animosity.
We’re talking, of course, about the question of which is more popular: cats or dogs.
Here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog, we think it’s high time to end this stupid battle: dogs are the more popular pet, hands down, no questions asked, final answer, period.
Now before you get all hissy, allow us to explain.
For this map, we went from state to state, noting the number of Facebook Likes for each of the five most popular pets: dogs, cats, fish, birds, and reptiles.
Overall, dogs were the most popular out of the five in every single state (that’s 50 points for dog people!), but we wanted to take a closer look at America’s pet preferences. After all, we love helping people find homes, but we love animals just as much.
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DIY Sexy Rocket Raccoon Costume

It’s easy to argue that Guardians of the Galaxy is the year’s biggest movie. It has everything – a dashing leading man, a headstrong female character, the cutest loud-mouthed government experiment, a giant humanoid tree (duh), and a stellar soundtrack. This cast of characters is perfect for any number of Halloween costume combinations. With that our friends over at Halloweencostumes.com came up with a sexy fun costume along with what you need to put it all together

DIY Rocket Raccoon costume

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