20 Classic Children’s Books Explained For Adults

Where the Wild Things Are
Classic Children's Books Explained For Adults

This is a story about a boy who’s been given a time out for being a dick, and then when he’s alone in his room he dreams up this awesome world that has, of course, Wild Things. And each of the Things represents a part of his personality, but he doesn’t know that because he’s just a little kid who’s a dick, and basically the whole book is great and everyone should read it.
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Gone Doggy Gone Is Now Available On iTunes And Amazon!

This fun film is finally available on iTunes and Amazon, or at Family Video, Best Buy and even the handful of Blockbuster locations that still exist!

Gone Doggy Gone We had the pleasure of seeing this film a few weeks ago and it was great.

Here’s the official summary:

Gone Doggy Gone is a comedic feature about a couple stuck in a lack-luster marriage who treat their dog like a baby. Working the grind in LA they leave little time for each other, and what free time they have they spend doting on the dog… until it gets kidnapped. What ensues is an outlandish cat-and-mouse adventure as they hunt down the kidnapper, enlist a schlubby PI, find a renewed love of each other, and conquer their fear of parenthood.


*If you want to read our review on it keep reading, but there are spoilers so be warned!*
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When A Color Run Uses The Wrong Dye

Yesterday was the Crazy Color Run in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Not really that big of a deal since they happen all the time but this one ran into a bit of trouble.
When A Color Run Uses The Wrong Dye

It seems that some of the event staff used the wrong type of dye which had an adverse result
When A Color Run Uses The Wrong Dye

When the race was all over, the participants found that the dye wouldn’t wash out. Now thousands of people in the town are rocking a Rainbow Bright look
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