Dash Cam Catches Crazy House Explosion

Yesterday morning emergency crews responded to a report of a gas leak in Ocean County, New Jersey. After evacuating the nearby residents a crew from the local gas company was trying to find the gas leak when it ignited and destroyed a house. A police cruiser on scene captured the explosion on it’s dash cam

Luckily there were no fatalities but 15 people were injured. The house was completely destroyed

House explosion in Ocean City, New Jersey

House explosion in Ocean City, New Jersey

Why Orlando Would Be An Awesome Location For A Walking Dead Spin Off

“The Walking Dead” is a nearly unstoppable cultural phenomenon. The television show is setting unprecedented records, and now the undead nightmare can’t be contained to simply one show. A second spin-off show, set in a new city, with a new batch of survivors, is on the way.

So, all of the alive and breathing folks at the Movoto Real Estate Blog decided to throw AMC a bone and use numbers and math and all the luxurious tools people can use when they don’t need to fight for their lives, to help narrow it down a bit.

And what do you know? There must be something magical—or unlucky—in the water in Florida, as their fleshy, undead metrics have chosen Orlando as the perfect location for the next show.

Check out the map and details below on how they came up with this location:

(Click for full size)
The Walking Dead in Orlando, FL
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Super Bowl Hall of Shame: The Worst Luck and Biggest Upsets in the NFL [Infographic]

Super Bowl Hall of Shame

When it comes to football, some teams have all the luck…and some teams have none of the luck. With Super Bowl XLIX (that’s fancy Latin talk for 49) happening on February 1st, we decided to take the road less traveled and shine the spotlight on the NFL teams that experienced seriously big playoff defeats. So before you break out the nachos and hot wings, brush up on your historical NFL team #epicfails and be THAT guy with all the cool/irritating football fail facts at your Super Bowl party.
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