The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies [Interactive Infographic]


It all began with the words, “In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit.” The Hobbit trilogy is coming to an end this year with the final film, The Battle of the Five Armies, and we got to thinking…just how does one have a battle with five armies anyway? That sounds confusing! We explored the words of J.R.R. Tolkien himself and used them to create this interactive battle map and companion infographic. They’ll give you a detailed play-by-play of the final chapter in this epic fantasy!

A couple of final notes before we get into the good stuff. First: All of the animation, information, and battle movements in this piece are derived from the novel’s version of events, not the film’s. Next: We’ve left out some minor details for the sake of brevity – Tolkien may be many things, but brief he is not. Finally: This post contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for The Battle of the Five Armies, which is based on a book that is 77 years old. Read on at your own risk:

Check out the infographic below
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How Much Would The 12 Days Of Christmas Cost You?

You know that annoying song that everyone sings this time of year about all the presents that a guy who has never used Amazon gave his true love? MoneyTips crunched the numbers and added up just how much all that crap would cost. The results are a little surprising. Milk Maids should go on strike to get paid more, it seems Swans are way overpriced so you’re better off stealing those from the zoo, and the dancers in the song charge just about as much as the dancers at the gentleman’s club down the road.

Here’s the infographic for you:
How Much Would The 12 Days Of Christmas Would Cost

How Much Stuffing Would It Take to Stuff Your House Like A Turkey?

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and while you have your hand stuck up a turkey’s butt, you may ask yourself, how much of this stuff would I need to fill my whole house? OK, maybe you’ve never thought about that, but if you start drinking a lot more, you may think about it. And if you do, there’s not a handy little calculator to help you figure it out. The number crunchers at Movoto did the leg work to try and answer this question for us. And they even broke down the details along with some examples below

Stuff Your House Like A Turkey Calculator By Movoto Real Estate

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