Awesome Playable Pong Coffee Table Game

At Florida Free Play this weekend we spotted the Pong coffee table. It takes the classic Pong style game and gives it a 2 player setup. The whole thing is housed in a cabinet with flaps to cover the controls when it’s not in use and can easily be used as a coffee table. This thing was a lot of fun to play.

16 Gmail Tips and Tricks To Streamline Your Inbox (Infographic)

Gmail Tips and Tricks
Do you want to get rid of some of the clutter in your Gmail account? Lucky for you our friends over at GetVoip came up with this handy dandy infographic to help make you more productive.

Many of these tips and techniques will require you to spend some time tinkering around with your settings. But once you’ve mastered some of these shortcuts and helpful hacks, you’ll save yourself from hours of wasted time.

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Top 10 Genius Travel Hacks You’ll Definitely Use

There are travel hacks for flying we could all use. Whether it’s marking our luggage as ‘fragile,’ finding ways to save space when packing or buying a jacket with tons of pockets so you don’t have to carry multiple bags, these are some life hacks to save you money, time and space. WatchMojo counts down ten genius DIY travel life hacks.

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