Eggvengers: Age of Yolktron – Printable Easter Egg Costumes

Are you running out of ideas on what to do with Easter Eggs this year? Luckily our friends at have our backs. They’ve come up with some pretty nifty egg decorations to dress up your boring Easter Eggs as awesome Age of Yolktron Eggvengers! The whole crew is here, but you’ll probably need an ostrich egg to make the Hulk.

avengers age of ultron easter eggs

If you thought that The Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere was the the only Avengers related release you had to look forward to in the next few weeks, boyyyy were you wrong- or should we say mistEGGen! We have something arguably more eggscelent, more eggstravagant, more eggsceptional! Did you guess that it’s egg-related? Well you must be an egghead because you’re right! We created a dozen printable Avenger Easter Egg costumes that are simply…to dye for. We have dubbed this collection Eggvengers: Age of Yolktron. Get ready for some ova-the-top egg puns, and read on!
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How To Make Coffee Jello

It’s no secret that we are HUGE fans of coffee. So when we saw this idea to turn our favorite pick me up into a stand alone desert, it peaked our interest. This nice old Japanese lady and her creepy dog show us how to make this awesome looking coffee jello

Ingredients for Coffee Jelly (serves 2)
About 20g (0.7 oz) of espresso coffee beans to make 250ml (1 cup) of coffee
3 tbsp Sugar
5g Gelatin Powder (0.18 oz)
Whipping Cream or Regular Milk
Cocoa Powder

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