Printable Super Bowl Bingo Sheets


The 2014 Super Bowl didn’t earn 111.5 million viewers and the title of “most-watched TV show in United States history” on accident! This widely anticipated annual event appeals to a broad range of Americans – some tune in for the love of the sport, others eagerly await the blockbuster-budget commercials, and let’s be honest, a large chunk of the population attends Super Bowl viewing parties just to eat the snacks! Whatever your justification for taking part in Super Bowl festivities may be (taco dipppppp!), the gang at has come up with a party activity to satisfy one and all: BINGO!

They’ve created 8 different printable BINGO cards so you can either play on an intimate football date for two, or at a more rowdy group gathering. “But what do I do if my party will have more than 8 people that want to play?” What do you want, a parade? YOU HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS. Congratulations, OKAY? Play in teams! Scroll on down for the cards, and we hope you enjoy some of the silly categories they came up with:
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Super Bowl Snack Stadium DIY

Wings, pizza, cheese puffs, ranch dip — all the incredible junk we’ll be stuffing down our throats on Super Bowl Sunday tastes better when picked from an enormous, DIY snack stadium.

Slip ’n Slide through Ring of Fire!

What’s better than going down a huge slip’n slide? Doing it through a ring of fire! In ScottDW’s latest video they did just that, and filmed it at 1500fps so we can see it in ultra awesome clarity

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