Uber-Geek Builds An Incredible Death Star Themed Home Theater

You know what’s better than being a geek that loves Star Wars? Being a Star Wars geek that has lots of money to burn. Case in point, this Seattle area Star Wars fan wanted to build a new home theater. But just your standard home theater wouldn’t suffice, he wanted it to look and feel like the Death Star. With fabrication help from the Seattle based firm Dillon Works, it came to life.

Cool Star Wars Death Star themed home theater

It all started with some sketches, but wait. If you really want to spend the money to build a Death Star theater, are you just going to sketch it out on a napkin? No way! You have to bring in the big guns. The owner commission Doug Chiang to produce the concept drawings. Doug Chiang? Yeah, you know the one we’re talking about. The same Doug Chaing that worked for ILM and was a set designer for Star Wars Ep1 and Ep2! Seriously, if you’re going to do a Star Wars theme, go big or go home!

Cool Star Wars Death Star themed home theater
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