60 Interesting Facts About Marvel Movies You May Not Have Known

Think you know everything there is about the big screen adaptations of Marvel comics? Test your knowledge with this list of interesting facts.

Iron Man (2008)

1. Roughly 450 separate pieces make up Iron Man’s suit.
2. Director Jon Favreau wanted Robert Downey Jr. for the title role because he felt that the actor’s past was perfect for the part. He has said, “The best and worst moments of Robert’s life have been in the public eye. He had to find an inner balance to overcome obstacles that went far beyond his career. That’s Tony Stark.”
3. JARVIS, standing for “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System,” is Tony Stark’s computer system. This is a tribute to Edward Jarvis, Stark’s butler from the comics. He was changed to artificial intelligence to avoid comparisons to Batman/Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth.
4. Right before the final press conference, Tony Stark is seen reading a newspaper with a poor-quality photo of Iron Man on the cover. This is actually from a video shot by onlookers hiding in the bushes during the initial filming.
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7 Celebs With Incredibly Nerdy Hobbies

It’s not as bad as it used to be, but nerds still have a pretty rough time growing up. Not fitting in can be a social death sentence in high school, and plenty of kids still bully each other over having “nerdy” interests. If that ever happens to you, show your bully this list, because some of the biggest celebrities in the world are nerds too and they turned out fine:

Vin Diesel & Judi Dench, Dungeons & Dragons Pals

Here’s the weirdest sentence you’ll read today: Vin Diesel plays D&D with Dame Judi Dench. Seriously. Vin introduced it to her on the set of Chronicles of Riddick, but has been playing for decades- he even wrote a foreword to a D&D book and regularly talks about it in public. Other famous players you might not expect include Robin Williams, Tim Duncan, Mike Myers, and famous, ahem, “actress” Sasha Grey. It’s almost like D&D isn’t the nerdiest thing in the world! (Except it totally is.)
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