10 Easter Eggs In The Disney Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

The Disney Universe has you covered for your favorite films and that’s because they acquired Star Wars, The Muppets, Marvel Comics and Pixar all within the last few decades. Their universe is large and this means there are a lot of Easter eggs for us to find. We have picked out ten that will surely get you to pay closer attention to the Disney Universe and spark your interest in spotting your own. Stick around to find out how a hidden Mickey was put in a Muppet film. Don’t forget to subscribe and join the notification squad for cool content like this everyday. Here is Screen Rant’s list of ten Easter Eggs In The Disney Universe That Will Blow Your Mind.

10 Actors Who Could Have Been A Marvel Superhero!

At this point, it honestly seems like every actor in the world has made his or her way into a Marvel movie at one point or another. Between the X-Men franchise, the ever-expanding MCU and independent Marvel hits like Deadpool, there is no shortage of roles available for willing actors. For this video, Screen Rant is taking a look at some actors who were almost in Marvel movies, but ultimately missed out. Here is their list of 10 Actors Who Were Close To Being A Marvel Superhero.

10 HOT Superhero and Villain Couples You Want To Know MORE About!

Everyone and their mother know about the most famous superhero couples of all time like Superman and Lois Lane or Harley Quinn and The Joker but there are tons of other super powered relationships that are totally hot. Whether they haven’t had a chance on the big screen yet or they have just slipped past people unnoticed to we are taking a look at some of the lesser known steamy super couples in our list of 10 Hot Superhero and Villain Relationships You Didn’t Know About. Enjoy this video and be sure to hit that subscribe button for more awesome stuff, every single day!

10 Most Paused Scenes in Popular DISNEY Movies

There are a lot of reasons to pause a movie scene but with Disney films it is usually to see something an animator accidentally or intentionally added. Maybe it was something they were hoping no one would notice or an Easter Egg. That is the glory of Blu-Ray and DVD’s, in the theater you can’t pause a scene when you think you saw something. Yet, at your own house you can stop the film to see if you really just saw that.Here is Screen Rant’s list of ten Most Paused Scenes in Popular Disney Movies.

10 Actors Who Refused A DISNEY Role That Everyone Loves

Disney is perhaps the most powerful film studio in the industry, as they own Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, the Muppets, and release their own in-house movies every year. These days, it’s hard to find an actor who hasn’t done at least one project with the Mouse House, and based on their track record, it’s easy to see why so many people would want to work with them. That said, actors want to make sure that each part they take is the right fit, and sometimes that means foregoing a partnership with Mickey. Here are 10 famous actors who turned down Disney roles.

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