Watch Out! Zombie Roos Are Here!

waterbornelogo You all know about our love for Zombeavers, but a little while ago we were tipped off to another zombie flick that sparked our interest. Waterborne comes to us from the land down under. But the only Men at Work we see here are a DEP agent testing the water of a local stream and a crotchety old farmer. Something has gone terribly wrong in the local water supply which is effecting the wildlife and Todd (Martin Blum) is going to get to the bottom of it, but what he doesn’t know just might end him.

Waterborne is a short film with a total running time of just under 9 minutes. It’s enough to lay some great foundation to a cool storyline but unfortunately leaves you wanting more. We’re hoping this will be the first part of a much bigger project yet to come. If they stick with this style it should be great. This short has been tearing up the film festival circuit for a while now and for good reason. The cinematography is really well done and much better than what we usually see in short films like this. The ‘zombie roos’ are the right amount of cute and scary to add more effect to their roll. Overall this is a fun little flick that is definitely worth the 10 minutes it will take you to watch it. Seriously, scroll down and watch it below 😉

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6 Virtual reality experiences that will blow you away – Infographic

vrheadsetToday’s virtual reality headsets are coming to a living room near you. Lighter, and actually consumer friendly this time – everyone can have access to virtual reality now (well, almost). Oculus, a start up recently been acquired by Facebook, are coming out with a consumer version of its virtual reality headset this year, as are Windows and HTC.

Currently, the developer version of Oculus Rift is priced at $350. Samsung’s Gear VR costs $199. On the more affordable scale is the Zeiss VR One. It turns your smartphone into a virtual reality screen, with the added bonus of being compatible with a number of screen sizes – priced at $99. So for around a hundred dollars, you can immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality.

There future is here – so what is out there to try?

As seen in the infographic below, there’s wide range of experiences you can immerse yourself in to. Some available now, others happening very soon. From games, extreme sports to flying – there’s something out there for everyone.

But it’s not all entertainment. Virtual reality is being used in art and advertising: you can experience an awkward family dinner from the point of view from all guests with The Doghouse. Or you can try stepping inside a Vincent van Gogh painting. And marketers have had a go at experimenting with virtual reality too: try taking a virtual trip into Patron’s Hacienda headquarters in Mexico.

It’s still early days to say, but perhaps this time, virtual reality is here to stay.

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GirlsWithToys Are Blowing Up Twitter

In case you’ve been out of the loop, there’s a kerfuffle brewing on Twitter right now and it’s getting pretty awesome.

It seems that over the weekend NPR ran one of their usual boring interviews which usually just serve as background noise while you’re doing something else. The interview in question was with Shrinivas Kulkarni, an astronomer who teaches astrophysics at the California Institute of Technology. During the interview he was quoted by NPR as saying, “Many scientists, I think, secretly are what I call ‘boys with toys.” That stupid off-color comment set in motion an epic reaction from women in the science community who took to Twitter to remind everyone that women also play a role in these fields.

Using the hashtag #girlswithtoys, bad ass scientists from around the world shared dozens of images of women “playing” with microscopes, telescopes, Mars rovers, water pumps and more.

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