What Some Famous Stars Would Look Like If They Were Alive Today

Age progression software is fun to play with, but what if you take pictures of old celebs and aged them? Running their pic through an aging app using how old they would be now creates some cool yet creepy results

Elvis Presley , 80
What Elvis Presley would look like today
Born: Jan. 8, 1935; Tupelo, Mississippi
Died: Aug. 16, 1977; Memphis, Tennessee
The undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, of whom John Lennon once said “without Elvis there is no Beatles” died in 1977 at age 42.
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Disney’s Cool New Robot Etches Massive Pictures Onto The Beach

Sure, we didn’t get Baymax, but this little guy is still pretty cool.

The robot — aptly called “Beachbot” — works by dragging a set of pins through the sand, sort of like a rake. Each pin is individually raisable, allowing the bot to draw lines of varying thicknesses. More pins down = thicker lines drawn.

The artist behind the robot starts a canvas by setting down poles, which the robot uses as markers to finely calculate its position. At that point, the robot can be passed an image file to draw automatically, or the artists can steer it manually.
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Amazing Christmas Can Can Light Show

Music director and teacher Tom BetGeorge has taken Christmas light videos to a whole new level with this year’s set up. 100,000 lights wired through 12,500 channels, 8 pro grade light pods on the roof, a 17’guitar with a full LED display on the neck, a lighted 19′ piano and one crazy electric bill. The first show is set to “Christmas Can Can” by Straight No Chaser and makes the song even more entertaining than it already was


Also Check out his “Let it Go” display from Frozen

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