Want to sleep at work?

There’s an app for that.
inapatworkIf ever an iPhone app was created for the George Costanzas of the world, it’s this one: iNap@Work simulates office sounds so you can snooze while the people around you think you’re working.

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t a 20-minute siesta be fantastic right about now? Just fire up iNap@Work, then adjust its five sound-effect sliders until they accurately reproduce the sounds that would normally come from your cubicle.

The app simulates mouse clicking, keyboard tapping, paper crumpling, stapler stapling, pencil sharpening, and tissue, um, using.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty hilarious piece of code. I’m sure it’s the rare office where you could actually put it to use (without getting caught and fired, anyway), but it’s definitely good for a laugh.

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