An Alternative Protest To BP’s Oil Spill

Unless you were kidnapped a month and a half ago and just finally released, you probably know about the little oil issue BP is having in the Gulf of Mexico. They are calling it a “spill” but it should really be called an oil “gusher” since spill implies a small mishap in a confined area. This “spill” has prompted people to boycott BP and one facebook group suitibly named Boycott BP is reaching close to half a million members. Granted, a boycott is a good idea. But at this time most people are content with just sitting around and bitching about the problem. Some even venture out to protest in front of BP stations. This is all good and everything if you like waving at traffic and feeling like you’re doing something. But in the end, nothing is really accomplished. Enter Jonathan Fin. Jonathan decided he just couldn’t stand on the sidelines and watch anymore. His local station has been pretty quiet regarding the spill so he figured he would bring the spill to them. The result is a great piece of comedy that plays out.

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  • thedroidsurlookin4

    What a douchebag. I'm sure the guy making minimum wage at your local BP station is really responsible for what policies the CEOs decide on. Why not also steal his car or throw some 10W-30 on his pet parakeet while youre at it?

  • Jake

    Yeah, I don't get why you make trouble for a poor woman inside BP. If you should be spilling anywhere, it's inside the CEO's living room. Even if you spilled inside the BP world headquarters, they would just have some poor janitor clean your mess.

  • stilwell

    What an asshole, i'm glad he killed himself