Is This The Best Airline Commercial Ever?

Most airlines gave up on the use of T&A to sell flights around the same time bell bottoms went out of style. Sure, the Virgin Americas of the world will throw the occasional buff model onto a poster here and there, but even then, it’s always very sterile. Airlines these days, with the exception of Spirit’s often risque marketing ploys (more on that later), seem to go out of their way to avoid offending anyone’s sensibilities.

Moscow-based startup Avianova isn’t having any of that noise. In this commercial, they don’t try to pitch low fares, comfortable seats or interesting routes. They cut right to the chase: Girls stripping out of their skimpy stewardess uniforms and delivering the best sponge bath an Airbus has ever had. Check out the action:

Avianova launched in August 2009 and now serves 16 destinations—all within Russia—with a fleet of five Airbus A320 jets.

And the similarities to Spirit’s male-targeted hijinks may not be a coincidence: The American investment firm Indigo Partners owns substantial portions of both airlines.

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