WTF Wednesday 8-11

We tried to come up with something to describe this video but words have failed us. The more you watch it, the funnier it gets. The dogs barking in the background make it even better.

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  • Stopstaringatmeswan

    Wow. Just wow. I made it almost all the way through the video without laughing, but by the end it was just too much. I didn't stop laughing the next 3 times I watched it.

    But, seriously, that lady kind of scares me, I kind of felt as though I was regressing back to childhood and my mean Aunt Hazel was slapping me away from the cookie jar again!

    Also, I Stumbled on to your site hours ago, and I've been glued to my screen ever since. Pretty hilarious selection of stuff you've got here. I'll be working on viewing everything you've ever posted, as well as checking back very often for new things. Because, I am just that creepy and stalker-like. 🙂