Fighter Gets Knocked Retarded

Muai Thai is a kickboxing style of martial arts that is known to be pretty aggressive. In this match, watch as one of the fighters gets knocked so hard it looks like someone flipped the switch to render him mentally challenged. Walk it off sissy!

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  • Stephen

    This is K1, not Muai Thai.

  • LOLJK i love radiohe

    lol it's Thom Yorke from Radiohead

  • tim

    That looked like a cheap shot he paused while the guy bent over. probably would be disqualified in America plus that dude on the ground is probably still messed up his left foot is straightened out I bet he has permanent brain damage.

  • It was the punch that put him down. The kick to the head was only insurance. The other fighter kicked with the top of his foot. That's the "gentle" way. If he had kicked with his toes pulled back and hit with the ball of his foot, the other person might be dead.