Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Go On The McDonald’s Playground

You know, aside from giving your kids McDonald’s makes you a crappy parent, this mom from Arizona has found another reason to avoid the place. The playground is filthy, and not just oh it needs to be swept, she even hired a lab to test it. BTW- this isn’t just some uppity soccer mom with nothing to do since they cancelled her favorite soap opera, Dr Erin Carr Jordan is an instructor at Arizona State. That’s right, she has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology. What about the lab tests? According to the test report by Legend Technical Services, Inc., the samples contained “opportunistic human pathogens” that can cause disease and are found in fecal material, mucus, matted hair and food. Yeah, and you thought the horse meat burgers would kill you. Check out this grossness:

More info from AZCentral

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