Police Knock Out Suspected Shoplifter On Black Friday

Police in Buckeye, Arizona decided to take extreme action against an elderly man suspected of shoplifting this black friday, November 25th 2011. The man placed two video games he was carrying under his shirt to free his hands because his grandson had been knocked down by a mob of rushing customers. The man was then confronted by police and was cooperating when the arresting officer, a K-9 cop, tripped the man and sent him face first into the hard floor knocking the man unconscious and possibly breaking the mans nose. To top it off they continued to handcuff the elderly unconscious bleeding man. Then the man continues to suffer as the police do not know how to treat the man, it is a full minute before a customer steps forward to help the poor man. It is not clear what injuries the man sustained at this moment.

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  • Rob

    Loss prevention (Anti-shoplifting) procedure : Observe the person, observe the item, observe the concealment, keep constant unrestricted contact with the shoplifter, wait until the shoplifter leaves the store – make the arrest.

    If he didn't leave the store then technically its not Shoplifting.

    The police say he began resisting after one wrist was cuffed however I'm not sure leg sweeping a restrained older man was necessary. There could be a big lawsuit coming…..

  • krampus

    Owned. Don't put items down your pants when cops are behind you. All of these " black friday" imbeciles need a face plant. Fighting over $2 waffle irons and games. Losers.