Awesome Dad Gets Revenge For His Daughter’s Facebook Post

This guy found his daughter’s facebook post complaining about how “hard” her life is. Since she’s 15 and apparently an ungrateful little shit, he decides to address her list of grievances in this video. And for added fun, he unloads a full clip from his .45 into her laptop. We tip our hats to you sir!

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  • Quilly

    Talk about parenting fails. He is mad at his daughter and he embarrasses her and calls her out in front of the entire world? Thought he was supposed to be the adult. Very mature to use a weapon on a lap top. I feel bad for her and their son having a father like this.

  • drgrumbles

    This gave me like PTSD type flashbacks to getting in trouble in high-school. Thank god I never even thought of doing anything like what his kid did.

  • Arcturus

    Quilly, while you might think it's a parenting fail, what she did wasn't that immature either, by posting it on facebook, which has the equivalent effect anymore of getting a billboard to say it…

    He points out that what she did was wrong, in the same manner as her rant about her parents, and he makes a point, or makes it into a lesson. Yes, there are far better ways to have dealt with this, but I will guarantee that she will think twice next time.

    In other words, I don't necessarily agree with how he did it (I would have sold it or whatever), but I approve of what he did.

  • Eenie Meenie Miney m

    This little whore got what she deserved. Her dad and mom took care of her since from the very day she was fu&&&king born! You guys stop saying it wasn't her fault. That little ass needs some responsibilities ..I mean..every kid's gotta help their parents with chores and parents DONT EVER PAY THEM. I mean whatever that little shit is right now is because of her parents. The clothes she wears, the jewelry, the furniture she sits on..the laptop where she wrote all that horrible stuff belongs to her parents ..they all paid for them. She owes them thousands and thousands of dollars..every dollar they paid for her little arse's comfort. SUCK ON THAT BITCH! OH AND RESPECT UR PARENTS KIDS..COZ THEY'RE LIKE GOD!