Regular Car Reviews: 2009 Smart FourTwo

Smart Fourtwo: when a Prius isn’t pretentious enough. It’s a tiny car that’s full of itself. When you exit this jeweler’s display box, you have to re-assure everyone at the block party that, yes, it’s a good car.

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  • Somebody

    Well, that was a pointless review. It was basically badmouthing the vehicle for being inconsistent with cookie cutter american cars and did absolutely nothing to focus on what the vehicle is actually good at and intended for.

    What it is, is a very manoeuvrable and efficient COMMUTER car for URBAN driving. Think of it like a small motorcycle with a roof and a heater (yes, it works in the rain and in the snow), equipped with a pad behind the seat to carry a couple of bags and can be parked **anywhere**.

    Very good vehicle for people who live downtown and don’t spend a lot of time traveling outside of the city, or for two-car families where one is used exclusively for commuting. Ever try driving a full sized pickup or van in downtown… new york, toronto, los angeles? Try that and you’ll be wishing you had a smart.

    Oh, and the tow hitch is aftermarket. See the sticker on it that says “Curt”? They make hitches for everything.