WTF Wednesday 11-4

This week we change direction a little bit and offer this video made up entirely of animation. It appears to be a mix of GIFs with some other animation that looks influenced by Monty Python.

WTF Wednesday 10-28

This week is a special treat. While searching around for something that was just plain odd we found “ederam” on YouTube. We couldn’t decide which video was worse so we’re posting two of our favorites. In the first, you’ll be treated to this guys dog chewing on his stomach, which is, well, pretty f-ed up. In the second, erderam does a nice little sarenade to Pretty Woman, and starts to strip.

Back Scratcher

Pretty Woman

WTF Wednesday 10-21

This week is Cathy’s House, a sketch on a Japanese TV show called Vermilion Pleasure Night.

WTF Wednesday 10-7

We’ve decided to start a new segment called WTF Wednesday to feature things that are just plain odd. For the first feature, we present, Pickle Surprise: