SlutWalk Tampa

We’ve helped out with some different charities on this site and now it is time for our latest mission. is proud to be a sponsor of the SlutWalk happening in Tampa on September 17th. If you are unfamiliar with this event, you can read about it HERE in the Wikipedia article. In a nutshell, it’s an event to promote a woman’s right to act and dress the way she feels comfortable and to rally against women being victimized for their view.

Some have asked why we would get involved in such an event and there are mainly two reasons for this. First, WE, LOVE, SLUTS! OK, that came out wrong. We love women who are secure enough with themselves to at times show a little skin or act more adventurous. We love the Twitter Girls, or the occasional image of a beautiful model, or even that girl at the bar who makes getting dressed up and going out for the night and paying a cover and listening to crappy music and buying overpriced drinks totally worth it. Do you want that to stop?

Secondly, we here at are in a peculiar position. Of our audience, our main demographic is the 18-34 year old Male. That’s over 70% of our demographic actually. And in reality, who’s really doing the majority of the raping? That’s right, people in that demographic. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not blaming rape on 70% of our fans (except that one guy that was at our Birthday Bash, he looked a little suspicious). What we’re on about is we have a global reach to a demographic that is causing problems so it only makes sense that we and our fans put the word out to all of the other guys in our demographic to knock off all the rape and abuse, right?

We feel that women should be free to express themselves and if they do, men will benefit from that (trust us on this) and society overall will be happier. If we continue our culture of telling women to cover up and hide themselves to avoid abuse and blaming them for the actions of a few scumbags, we will be stuck with a bunch of women in burqas that don’t want to leave the house and that will be just downright BORING.

So let’s support our fellow humans missing the Y chromosome and let them be be themselves.

If you’re in the Tampa area on September 17th, join us for the walk. staff will be all over the place helping with the event and passing out freebies.

If you can’t make it out but want to help, please visit the SlutWalk Tampa page and possibly make a donation. (they’re running a pretty cool promotion right now where if you donate $20 you get a $50 restaurant gift card. You gotta eat, you might as well stretch your budget while helping some people out)

And if you can’t make it out, and don’t want to help, then we’re pretty much done so you can go back to looking at something else. But thanks for at least reading this.