Meme Of The Week 6-24

This week’s meme is the Successful Black Man

The Back Story: The original creator of this meme (who is remaining anonymous) has stated that the idea first came up while talking about discrimination issues at work. The meme then was picked up by 4chan’s random board which is a hot bed for racism. The appeal of the meme is that it breaks the racist stereotypes and in itself is a counter to racism.

The set up: The meme is based off of a picture of a black man dressed in business attire and when done correctly, the top line is an incomplete sentence that refers to a typical black male stereotype, but the sentence is continued on the bottom line in a sophisticated manner showing that the man does not fit the stereotype.

More images are available in the gallary

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  • Tyrone

    Funny shit. Give me a blunt..

  • AAH

    Oh my god!! That's my face..??

  • bobby

    you seem confused on whether on not that is your face.

  • elvis

    you, sir, are a racist fucker.

  • Papa Smurf

    As a borderline racist I have to say that I really like these. I rarely see positive black figures and, although I know this is a meme, it gives me some hope that there are some. I'd prefer not to hate, but I can only work with what the world gives me.

    Black people, drop the ghetto mentality, hold your chin up, and become the great people I hope you can be.

    P.S. If you're intent is to flame me for this then you obviously don't understand. Reread and try again.

  • Gh{O}sT

    OMG i am deff saving most of these

  • Gargamel

    Lol; borderline racist.

    I see the contradiction.

    Papa Smurf, you get me everytime.

  • Gargamel

    p.s. i'm not shouting at you

  • ono

    I don't think these were meant to be racist. Honestly, I feel that these images were a satorialization of racial stereotypes. I think these are actually quite empowering in it's own peculiar way. Hilarious though!

  • "They see me rollin'…. Up my sleeves for some volunteer work at the local shelter."

    LOL, this one's hilarious.

    Just imagine the text being read in a gangsta rapper's voice and it makes it even more awesome.

  • LOLin'



  • racisthater

    Papa Smurf go fuck yourself and your ignorant mentality. You don't belong in this century

  • This is fantastic! As an Oreo who's always looking for new ways to assimilate, this will become my new fave bait and switch to perform when meeting new people!

  • Phil E. Drifter


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  • Lindsay

    There is a difference between stereo-type and racism. This is a stereo-type. These stereo-types are similar to the book of stereotypes "Stuff White People Like". Get over it. These are not racist… they are hilarious.

  • TLD7996

    I totally 'get' this…………its not racist in the least…its meant to break racist stereotypes/mentalities, and make you think. Just like you cant judge a book by its cover…….you can't judge a man ( or woman )by their skin color.

  • Dave Williams

    Hilarious pix and a brilliant concept, but sorry, nothing can be based "off" anything….think about it….the correct idiom is "based ON."

  • superunknownuser

    lol, yeah, in bizarro world maybe.