The Dad Joke Meme

A while back this image popped up on imgur with the simple caption of “My Dad insisted on using his ‘selfie stick’…

Dad with selfie stick

At first glance it seems rather harmless. Just a dad sitting at the table in a restaurant embarrassing his family with his new toy. But if you look deeper you can see a lot more in this image. This is a family that has had to endure a life of their dad doing stupid and cheesy things and presumably they have heard their fare share of the dreaded Dad Joke. The jokes so bad only dads bother telling them. The dad joke is a right of passage for many men where you want to still be funny, but have to keep it clean because there are kids around. This happy guy relishing in his family’s embarrassment should be the poster child for the dad joke. So with that, a meme is born.

The set up is simple. Using the selfie stick dad pic as the backdrop, just add a terrible dad joke. The result is a groaning facepalm of jokes that will make dry humored dads laugh with glee while accurately portraying everyone else’s reaction

Funny Dad Joke Meme
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Christopher Meloni’s Butt, It’s A Meme Now

The Law & Order: SVU star has been causing tidal waves with female fans ever since he rocked his tighty whities on OZ. The grippies didn’t end there, he’s been seen in many episodes of L&O rocking his skivvies, only briefly though. Now the women are taking matters into their own hands and a new batch of memes are popping up highlighting his most prized asset. The meme has been refereed to as the SVU Meme, the Christopher Meloni Meme, or even Christopher Meloni’s Butt. Whatever it’s called let us all celebrate the fact that this guy’s butt got a meme before Kim Kardashian’s butt did.

The meme generally depicts Christpher Meloni’s butt and has text relating to a legal pun to fit with the Law & Order: SVU theme. If you want to make you own, check out the Christopher Meloni Butt Meme generator on imgflip. And don’t forget to show us what perverted things you came up with

Christopher Meloni butt meme
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