Another Bully Gets A Beating

It looks like Casey body slamming his bully has set an awesome trend in motion. Now we’re seeing more people standing up for themselves against school bullies. In this vid, a bully is harassing a taller kid in the locker room. After about 2 minutes of back and forth, the tall kid snaps and unleashes a flurry of face punches. The best is at the end when he makes the bully call him “sir”.

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  • Once again amazing

  • josh


  • Jon

    This vid was out before Caseys vid, but it's nice to see people standing up to bullies everywhere 🙂

  • Melanie

    I love how the person kept filming and no one even did anything….. Yay for helping out huh?

  • Alex

    I hope that by "helping out" you mean the camera guy should have helped beat the shit out of the bully.

  • Man

    Melanie, shut up woman, these are men.

  • Ryan

    right i agree with alex if anything someone should have helped kick the chubby kids ass but i dont think the other kid needed any help with the instant hip toss to full mount to ground and pound, that kid should be in wrestling if hes already not.

  • Walrus

    Well, he did 'dare' him…

  • Pual

    FULL MOUNT, Quick, pull guard! GUARD! NOT TURTLE GUARD *throws in the towel*

  • Tony

    anyone notice that these are some really stupid bullies? in the casey video the bully's some skinny little twerp who's picking on a guy who's twice his size, and in this one it's a shorter, chubby-looking kid picking on someone who's taller and less fat. both of them are just asking to get their ass kicked and tempting fate by messing with someone who can pretty obviously kick their ass but has been gracious enough not to.

  • Randy

    lol fat fuck. I wish he didn't stop. Why did the fat boy want him to kiss him? little homo erotic until the big guy beat the fuck out of him. Seriously, everyone should hate fatty forever. spread the word.

  • Ha, what a tard. Why would he pick on this guy who is clearly going to batter him

  • TheSleepCreep

    Bobby hill is all grown up.

  • BobbyH

    ^^^ Don't touch my Purse! ^^^

  • AntiCitizenOne

    That kid will be a drill sergeant one day.

  • randomap

    nice camera work dumbass

  • Simon

    Guy took his time before he snapped. And he should have given the bully a real beating. Like pick up a baseball bat nearby or something and brake all his arms and legs.

  • verybored

    That guy has one hell of a lot more self control than I do. I don't give a shit what people say, but as soon as someone touches me I ensure they know to never do it again. And if they actually injure me, I make sure that they will never be capable of doing so again. Easy code to live by, and if you like hurting people (which I do a bit) it can be a lot of fun. Plus its self defense.

  • Nicholas

    What brand of toaster was used to record this?

  • bill

    do the people that film these things have parkinsons disease? not to be rude to anyone that does, but come on. a video camera is point and shoot, not wave around aimlessly.

  • Roy


    bullies only exist because they get bullied around themselves and they release their anger on someone who is innocent and weaker which makes you a coward, fight means to protect, not to boss or bully know 70% who go in to study martial arts fail to be success because they go in thinking they are Bruce Lee and leave only being Betty Boop.

    The art has no place for intentional violence or anger s its a sport and sadly the world is so hung up on violence they get a woody watching football players beat the crap out of each other because one stumble over the others balls…This world is mesed up because even politicians are beating each other up, this is where I come in and divide the men from the wussies, Those who have not real reason to defend themselves are cowards if using fight as a motive to release anger and so they are little girls…The ones who do fight like the big boy in this clip is a man because he tried multiple times to resolve but the porko had to much beef and thought like a bull and got sliced to prime steaks..He got what he deserved, fighting should be a last resort thing. if you promote fighting and anger than you too fit the wussie factor.

  • Ben

    I hate fucking pussy boys, they never defend themselves, they lock themselves in their skirts..Fuck all of ya' I'm from the Bronx and the easy way to end this shit is to pop a cap in ur asses…everyone in here are white piece of shits, you see us nigga's are taking over America and the power shows, Obama is in power and he cares for his kind and making the white fucks dwindle to shits fuck yeah' down with the lot of em'..white's are so white they blind themselves from reality and Obama knows this and many our brothers are coming to America and like they took Africa we will take America- A for an A motha fucka's.. I cant wait to shackle a white fuck and kick his face to the ground..and maybe a hanging too.

    God is great!

  • Alex


    Hahaha WTF?

  • Ben


  • Phil

    Ben, I admire your passion for what you think is right. I think you know what you're talking about man, keep on making us proud! Keep living the dream! Fight the power! Obama will do it for us!

    Actually no… Are you retarded? I have not read anything that dumb since… I don't even know. I can't of anything more dumb than what you wrote. You better learn how to fight, because your dumb ass isn't getting anywhere in life talking like that. Be the next ufc champion…that's you're only shot. Good luck dude…

  • JoJo

    Fake! fatty's head doesn't even move when he's getting punched. The other kid never cocks back his shoulder or swings fast.

  • Steve

    Ben you are quite literally a moron. . . I'm surprised you even know how to express your deluded thoughts in to semi-comprehensible babble.

  • some call me tim


    fuck wrestling, he should walk into the nearest armed forces recruitment office and say 'hey, im a boss.' and the recruiter would make him a drill argent on the spot! teach them sissy army boys a thing or two about bein tough! (sorry about the sissy comment, i got family in the navy so im a bit biased!)

  • SP

    Aw, now noone will think the fat bully is kewl anymore..

    Oh wait..

  • Antibully

    I don't like Bullies one bit, the chubby guy got what he deserved. I give a lot of props to the tall guy for standing after he tried to be man enough to walk away from the problem till the chubby guy didn't know when to stop.

    I hope this leaves a message out to other bullies.