Roll A D6

By now you’ve probably heard that ear worm of a club song Like A G6. It’s a decent beat but the lyrics are crap. Not to be outdone, these guys decided to make a fun nerd version. Get ready, the nerds will be blasting this one for years to come.

From the creator:

This is a parody song music video of “Like a g6” by Far East Movement. I hope you enjoy it. Also, to make it absolutely clear, this video was made entirely by me. None of this has been stolen from other films or videos, and the music was build by me from scratch using Garage band based off of the “G6” melody. Its like what Weird Al does, but he gets paid. Legally speaking, there is no way this can be taken down.

Dungeons and Dragons belongs to Wizards of the Coast, whom I am in no way involved with. This is purely nerds being nerds having fun and honoring a game that has brought so much wonderfully lost time into our lives.


Song written by Connor Anderson and Zac Smith.

Video directed by Connor Anderson. Starring Leslie Phillipsen, Connor Anderson, Zac Smith, and Aaron Mull.

Director of Photography/Lightning Wrangler: Jacob Clark

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