Best Buy Employees Say Screw It

This Best Buy was trying to open the doors for Black Friday but as the customers started stampeding in the employees decided to hold off until everyone calmed down.

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  • Anti-Scum

    Heard a lot of Mexican being spoken there. What is wrong with people.

  • Anti-Moron

    You heard a lot of "Mexican" being spoken? THERE IS NO SUCH LANGUAGE. They were speaking Spanish and I heard plenty of English as well. And what difference does it make anyway? You would act the same way so go look in the mirror first before you ask what's wrong with people.

  • Anti-Breeding

    Anti-Moron don't be hatin' on Anti-Scum….(s)he has clearly proven themselves to be an idiot. We should not be breeding racist, intolerant idiots in this country or anywhere around the globe for that matter. I clam they should be bread out of existence, Darwin style.

  • anti mexi

    um yeah , those mexis went off and killed 20 or 30 in the parking lot by stabbing them so…yeah , it matters what race they were .

  • anti-mexicans

    Speaking mexican makes all the difference in the world…damn mexicans…

  • John Denny

    Bunch of animals