Extreme Parenting Fail At The Skate Park

From the Department of “WTF WERE YOU THINKING YOU F*%#ING MORON” comes a great clip of a very misguided father showing his young child how awesome skate boarding can be.

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  • if you look closely you can see natural selection happening.

  • Mike

    wow what an asshole

  • OrackBobama

    No.. Natural selection would be when this guy busts his own effing head on the concrete, instead of using his kid as a cushion.

    That effer, should never have custody without supervision, and he should pay the hourly charge to the county to have a social worker present.

  • B.C. Cakes

    Jesus, that made me feel terrible just watching that. That's just…….I dunno. I feel terrible inside.

  • Note to self: I need to start posting skate boarding videos on tampasportsfitness.com!

  • Mahhn

    what a Fing idiot. How did he live long ehough to bread?

  • Janine

    What in the world was this guy thinking?

  • SA

    That was beyond stupid. I hope his wife crushes his nuts.

  • Steven

    Shouldn't he get arrested for this? There has to be some law saying you can't do this!

  • dan

    If this guy isn't arrested their is something wrong with society. Lucky he didn't kill the kid. 180 pound guy slamming a kids head into concrete. Would have done less damage if he just punched he kid. This is felony child abuse. Can't believe the kid didn't get subdermal hematoma and die.

  • chuck

    That kid basically took a ten foot fall directly onto his head. A child that age most likely received a severe concussion, along with the possibility of a host of skull/brain injuries. Is there any followup to this video? This IS actionable child abuse. The child was deliberately put in harm's way. Being an idiot parent is no excuse.

  • chuck

    And screw that girl for asking first about the video, and not the kid. (assuming it wasn't edited)

  • tommy peru

    Unreal. People die from head injuries like that. Liam Neeson's wife died from a simple fall from on the snow. What an idiot.

  • MF

    Is there follow up to this? Is this child OK? OMG, this was the most awful thing I've ever seen. Hearing that poor child cry after that fall just ripped my heart out. I can't handle this video.

  • sunshine

    That child should be taken to the hospital. The speed his head hit the pavement would result in an intracranial bleed…

    Really wish we could get an update.

  • Rob LPC

    Way not to hold your child's fucking head when falling douche bag. Accident or not, after that mess he shouldn't be anywhere near a skateboard or a child.

  • Hugh Jass

    Lol skating isn't for pussies