Angry Dad Spanks His Daughter’s Boyfriend

This dad doesn’t like the idea of this guy dating his underage daughter so he gives him a choice, get your ass kicked, or get spanked. The guy opts for the spanking. From the looks of things, it looks like the dad may have just needed an excuse to touch the boy’s butt.

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  • Jane

    OH MY GOD! this is crazy…what a sicko…who does he think he is?

  • JC

    I'm no expert but I see it as battery and uttering threats. You know, the father thinks he's a hero…sure…give a dad a break and let him think that…the idiot video taping and posting this…well; he forgot to blur the license plate. it won't be long before the sherrif's office and district attorney call him. Good job all around.

  • HesanIdiot

    Ummmm….there were no other solutions here? This dad is such an idiot.