Friday Freebie 9-28

Congratulations to Peter from Burlington, MA for winning this freebie!

We’re changing gears for this Friday Freebie. We stumbled upon this cool book called The Adventures of The Posse of Little Horses. It’s an entertaining and humorous book about a group of guys that met up in a Tijuana jail cell and banded together to form a posse of drunken fools.

We liked the book so much that we got in touch with the author Oxbow Lake the 2nd. In his words:

Why read this stupid novel? Because it’s funny and dirty . . . in the literary sense of both words. If you are titillated by someone else’s ox getting gored, this is the book for you! It’ll make your funny bone twitch at someone else’s expense . . . provided you have a funny bone to twitch.

If you’re a book worm this is definitely something you want to pick up. So for the freebie we’re giving away a copy of The Adventures of The Posse of Little Horses autographed by Oxbow Lake the 2nd. If you are concerned about saving trees, we can send you the Kindle version instead and we’ll throw in another prize along with it (t-shirt, mouse or some various other gift from the prize closet). And if you choose the Kindle version but still want an autograph, we’ll get Oxbow to sign a napkin or something and mail it to you.

Entry is easy, just send an e-mail with “I CAN READ!” in the subject line to

Contest deadline is midnight EST. Good luck!

More information on the book can be found at Shipwreck Publications

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  • Oxbow Lake 2nd

    Subject: extending the contest to win copies of "The Posse of Little Horse" for those who can't read well or are illiterate

    Strangebeaver's recent contest offering a free copy of my novel "The Posse of Little Horses" will go down in the annals of American literature as the first national recognition of this modern American classic, and as a result of this contest, will take its place in the history of American literature as a pioneer in changing the stagnant and incestuous condition of today's publishing industry.

    That said, I do have have one quibble with the contest: by requiring contestants to type the tag line "I can read", the contest is unfairly eliminating those who are unsure of their reading ability, those who are semi-literate and those who are just plain illiterate.

    I therefore suggest that the contest be extended three more times with the following three tag lines:

    1. "I'm pretty sure I can read,"

    2. "I'm not sure I can read," and

    3. "I can't read but my roommate can."

    Just because a person isn't sure of his reading ability or just plain can't read, is no reason to eliminate that person from the opportinuty to win my fine novel.

    Oxbow Lake the 2nd

    Author Extraordinaire