Smart Ass Learns Not To Run His Mouth At The Court House

This guy has a court date and instead of going in and acting respectful, he decides to take his video camera and try out all the First Amendment stuff he’s been reading on the internet. The only problem is, cameras aren’t allowed in the court room unless you’re a credentialed member of the press. As he tries to push his way past a guard, he gets a shocking lesson.

The guy operating the camera is Robert Paterson and the court house was in Kootenai, Idaho. He was attending a court date due to being cited for riding a bicycle without a headlight. After this incident the judge charged him with contempt and 3 counts of battery against officers. He’s still in jail and bail was set at $50,000.

Here’s Robert sporting county orange.

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  • Fan of the balliff

    Robert Paterson evidently believes everything he reads on the internet regarding the constitution. Just curious was it him or his person who was tazed?

    I'm thinking he might want to take a class at the local CC on constitutional law and ask his bizarre questions rather than trying to prove some internet point his paranoiac brothers tell him is his right.

    • fUamericans

      who the fuck runs this god awful website… look at all these ass hat commentators with their dirty thumbs in their butts.

  • Probably an Alex Jones fan.

  • never_wore_zubaz

    What a maroon.

  • Steve

    I feel sorry for the guy. There's a person who spends his entire life in an echo chamber of bad legal advice. He went into the court thinking the legal system worked completely differently than how it actually does, and as punishment, he's been beaten up and tossed in jail.

    You can say "he had it coming" or "he was being a jackass" all you like, but he believed from the start that he was in the right legally and morally, and was the victim here.

    You see this all the time, on different scales. People go into court expecting the system will protect them, and it turns out, that system doesn't even exist, and they had no idea how everything worked. And then they get railroaded.

  • Whistle

    No, he's not a victim at all. He chose to accept a version of reality that any amount of actual research would have told him doesn't exist. He went into that courthouse and deliberately took a confrontational posture and guess what? He paid the consequences. Was the tasering over the top? You tell me: if you were working security and someone repeatedly ignored requests to back up, what's your next step? Try to grab him and risk his becoming violent, or putting him down in a manner that ensures he'll be taken into custody without risk to any onlookers?

    He wasn't railroaded, he went into the place with a chip on his shoulder, thinking he was going to intimidate everyone into bending to his will, and he got served. Not one ounce of sympathy for him.

  • Katprint

    Proof positive that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  • Douglas


    This guy didn't get "railroaded". The gentlemen explained to him that he could go in the courtroom without the camera. No camera, no problem. So the rules were explained to him. Where he failed was a lack of understanding of what constitutes an assault. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for not obeying the law. So, yes I do think he got what he had coming to him. Fortunately for this young man he was dealing with calm clear headed officers.

  • Sweeeet

    That. Was. AWESOME.

  • Mr. Greg

    He's not being a "smart ass." He's one of those "Sovereign Citizen" morons who honestly believes every word coming out of his mouth.

    The personhood rant, admiralty court crap, naval flag rambling, etc. is all textbook Sovereign Citizen nonsense.

  • Slick

    Soon to be a salad tosser.

  • King Leon

    This is a pretty clear example of the corrupt american police state.

  • Doug Graham

    Correction: this incident happened in Coeur d'Alene, ID, located in Kootenai County.

    When you act like an Internet Tough Guy to trained law enforcement officials, expect to be treated like the idiot you are.

    You just have to wonder…was it really worth having 3 counts of battery and a contempt of court charge against him for being such a prick? When you treat others with respect, you'll have that same respect given back to you. How hard is that?

    Just pay your fine, and be done with it.

    • Tim Osmond

      Wow some of you guys are real internet tough guys. Let me enlighten you as to what the supreme court has ruled regarding Taser use. The US Supreme court of US ruled taser deployment must only be used in the case of an imminent threat to the safety of the officer. You keyboard commandos focusing on the behavior of the person who had the less lethal energy weapon deployed, did pose an immediate threat to the officer or the others within the area.

      Pretty funny how people who have no real life experience can sit back and quite frankly, look like a group of inbred hillbillies because of your yee haw comments. As a law enforcement professional for more than a decade, I can assure you, the bailiff violated the law and committed an act of excessive force. Then again, the gallery here of Jerry's Kids all grown up, either wont or cant comprehend what a decision by the US Supreme Court actually means, because after all, the majority here sound like the same group who proclaim, "I aint doin nuthin wrong, they cant violate my rights, if I done gave em away no how."

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  • Pottapaug

    If this clown truly believed that he was within his rights to bring his video camera into the courtroom, he could have either gone before the judge, pro se, or gone before him/her with an attorney, and argued that he had the right to record the proceedings. Had the judge denied the request, and had there truly been a legal right for citizens to record court proceedings with a video camera, the denial would have been grounds for an appellate reversal. But NO — this guy knew better, and tried to push on into the courtroom anyway.

    He's nothing but a little man who tries to pull himself up, not by hard work, but by embracing a crackpot legal fantasy which allows him to believe that he is Sovereign, and thus Very Important. He got what he deserved.

  • Nice Guy

    What a horses ass. And some of you are defending him?

  • john

    3 counts of battery????? What? Did the prongs on the taser richochet off him and hurt someone???? From what I see, he was the only one assaulted. He wasn't trying to hurt anyone, the cop was. Now which is more dangerous? I think I would rather be next to the guy that didn't hurt someone, feel a little safer anyway. What is this country coming too, when you don't feel safe standing next to police.

  • Drew Curtis

    I shit my pants.

  • Fidel_Costco

    Heh. A thing of beauty. What a little shit.

  • hagar

    notice that as soon as the pain started, he got real cooperative… the guy is a mouthy li'l sh*t, totally convinced he had all the answers, and ran smack into reality… I almost feel sorry for him. Look closely – this is the product of "peer promotion" and "participation trophies". Unless he learns from this, he'll spend the rest of his life failing, while blaming everyone else.

    And never know why.

  • Auricom

    Never before have I felt any satisfaction about someone getting tazed. And yet in this video I feel nothing but a deep, glowing satisfaction of an almost transcendental nature when this arrogant little shitbird gets hit with one.

  • Jerry

    Typical libertarian imbecile. Being a privileged white boy doesn't make you immune to the law, you dweeb.

  • Carew

    Wow, what an idiot. He seems to think he's above the law.

  • James

    So cameras allowed or not, how did he assault anyone and why does he deserve an assault charge. Since you guys are experts, I figure I will ask.

  • Ed Hannigan

    This has now been officially noticed by the internet. Whatever usual commentators on this board think, he will likely get free legal representation, and since almost all legal representation is superior to the legal acumen wielded by any prosecutor, this will potentially result in the dismissal of charges and a cash settlement with a confidentiality clause.

    In my case, a cousin to whom I’m close is a defense attorney who gleefully spends his career goading law enforcement officers into revealing their own clumsy deceptions on the stand, and winning cases more often than not. If he wasn’t a relative I couldn’t have afforded him.

    As I write every year on a Christmas card mailed, from my new home in a different jurisdiction, to the cop who thumped me three years ago for some unknown reason, “Thanks for the $328,500”.

  • Mike

    I don't see this as something to be proud of. If anything it is an indicator that we in authority are getting farther and farther from the values this country was founded upon. The officer in the video should at least be ashamed.

  • Robert

    Yep he's a stupid man but guess what, he did not deserve the taser my friends it was not warranted. But cowboy cops and security in America love to be the hero and get to inflict pain on anyone they can it seems. If what we see on youtube is correct then it don't seem to matter the age or sex with these enforcement officers as you like to call them. Thank god that I live in Australia and we haven't reached this point yet. Why wasn't he just removed and let the judge do what he had to do with the knowledge of his behavior taken into account. If at this point he started a violent rant and was a physical threat to people, by all means deploy the taser.

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