Friday Freebie 10-12

Congratulations to Amy from Illinois for winning this freebie!

For this Friday Freebie we’re taking another crack at a fun book called The Adventures of The Posse of Little Horses. When we gave this away a couple weeks ago there was surprisingly quite a lot of interest but we admit we screwed up. The author Oxbow Lake the 2nd was thankful that we liked his work enough to share it with you, but offered this critique of our contest:

Strangebeaver’s recent contest offering a free copy of my novel “The Posse of Little Horses” will go down in the annals of American literature as the first national recognition of this modern American classic, and as a result of this contest, will take its place in the history of American literature as a pioneer in changing the stagnant and incestuous condition of today’s publishing industry.

That said, I do have have one quibble with the contest: by requiring contestants to type the tag line “I can read”, the contest is unfairly eliminating those who are unsure of their reading ability, those who are semi-literate and those who are just plain illiterate.

I therefore suggest that the contest be extended three more times with the following three tag lines:

1. “I’m pretty sure I can read,”
2. “I’m not sure I can read,” and
3. “I can’t read but my roommate can.”

Just because a person isn’t sure of his reading ability or just plain can’t read, is no reason to eliminate that person from the opportunity to win my fine novel.

Oxbow Lake the 2nd
Author Extraordinaire

See why we like this guy?

So yeah, the more we thought about it, the more we realized he was right. We have lots of pictures and videos on our site so it’s quite possible that someone could be a fan and be illiterate (although probably not reading this so we could probably say anything we wanted to about them right now and they’d never know). We love ALL of our fans (even the illiterate), and the last thing we want to do is run a contest that alienates someone or makes them feel like they don’t fit in. We’re not here to judge and we’re sorry.

This freebie we’re giving away another copy of The Adventures of The Posse of Little Horses autographed by Oxbow Lake the 2nd. And you can enter for any reason like: you want the book because you like to read, or because you know someone who can read it to you, you want to force your kids to read it as punishment, you want to pretend to read it at the coffee shop so the nerdy chicks will think you’re intelligent, you want to use the book as a prop in a video where you pretend to read, maybe your coffee table has a wonky leg and you need the book to level it, you want to stock up on items with a $20 value for your upcoming secret Santa at work, you want to use it to potty train your dog/child, you want to throw it at hipsters, WTF EVER you want to do with this thing(*), enter the contest and it could be yours!

Entry is easy, just send an e-mail with “I know what a book is!” in the subject line to

Contest deadline is midnight EST. Good luck!

More information on the book can be found at Shipwreck Publications

(*)- if you’re entering the contest just because you like free stuff sent to you, you can always get free Beaver Badge Stickers!

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