Real Life Cartman Throws A Tantrum

This guy got frustrated with the other players on Xbox so he did the only rational thing. On the bright side, at least he got some exercise…

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  • Stephen

    That is got to be the funniest thing I have seen in awhile!!

  • Fred

    Francis, you're fat.

  • blurple

    watch this video and play the audio from this video in the back ground… greatest thing in a bit.

  • BigB

    That is Boogie2988 from YouTube portraying his character "Francis

  • ChuckyB

    One heck of a rage quit

  • jeremy

    How'd that dude get a woman?

  • Jon

    I think that is his sister, I wish I made enough to buy 3 xboxs in a year!!! well back to my college physics class.