4000: A Documentary

Here’s a chance to be part of something really cool. Beaver fan Leland from Austin, Texas is working on a really great movie and has started a kickstarter campaign to help get it going.

“4000” is a feature-length documentary following 25 courageous UT students as they embark on a cross-country bike ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage Alaska. Their mission: Spread hope and awareness for the fight against cancer. The riders will log over 4,000 miles on their bikes as they travel across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and up the West coast through Canada into Alaska, braving extreme conditions and surviving on only the essentials. In addition to stopping at camps and host houses over nights and in between rides, the riders also stop at community centers, hospitals, and churches, spreading the word of their mission and serving as a beacon of hope and courage to those suffering at the hands of cancer.

StrangeBeaver is getting a thank you in the movie’s credits. You could too!

Check out the kickstarter page here:
4000: A Documentary

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