Choose Your Own Adventure Ninja

The independent action team The Stunt People have released Choose Your Own Adventure Ninja, an interactive fight scene in the style of the old book series, starring Eric Jacobus (Stryler of Mortal Kombat Legacy and star of Rope A Dope). The player take the role of the Ninja (Jacobus) in a fight against The Last Samurai from East L.A. (Edwin Villa). You choose the Ninja’s next move and try to find the path to victory, with the ability to restart from the beginning at any time. All other paths lead to the death of the Ninja, usually in the form of a stunt or comedic gag. The winning path unlocks the full, uninterrupted fight as well as a video of all the various ways the Ninja can die.

To play: enable annotations, and choose your move!
Story: Help the Ninja defeat The Last Samurai from East L.A.!

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