Types of People at a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl XLVIII time has come. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will meet at MetLife Stadium this upcoming Sunday and be watched by millions. Question is, who are all these people that will be watching the Super Bowl with you?

From The Party Girl, who’s just looking to get drunk, to The Misfit, who has no idea what a football even looks like, these are the people you can expect at your Super Bowl party.

To recap, you have:
The Snacker – You’ll only notice this person if you’re by the food.
The Fem-Bro – The girl who is going to prove to everyone that she knows football.
The Stat Guy – Useless stats and information is this person’s real game.
The Party Girl – TAKE A SHOT!!!
The Misfit – The person who might have no clue what sport you’re watching.
The Commercial Breakers – Forget the game, give them the commercials.
The Just-Tryin-to-Watch-the-Game Guy – He’s just trying to watch the game.

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