6 Uses for Windex You Should Know

Glass Cleaner… the alpha and the omega of sprays, often rumored to fix just about any problem. After lots of experimentation we’ve put together a list of 6 unusual uses for windex (or glass cleaner), let’s streak on in.

1. It’s starting to get hot out and the bugs are out in force. Lucky for you, windex can be used to kill these pests on the spot or even used as a barrier to prevent ants from entering your home.

2. Did the bacon you cooked leave some splash damage all over your stove top? Bust out the windex and slice right through the grease lickety split. You can even go as far as using it directly on your pots and pans to get rid of that stubborn caked on grease… just make sure to wash it well afterwards.

3. When you’re cleaning your house you probably have a chemical for everything. Countertops, toilets, chrome and even bath tubs. But in a pinch you only need some windex or regular glass cleaner. The ammonia is going to help cut through any nasty disaster you might encounter leaving it shiny, fresh and new. So toss out the rest and stick with the best.

4. Did you get a gnarly stain on your tshirt but can’t find any stain remover? Not even a problem! Grab your windex and saturate the stained area and let it sit for about 5 minutes. After that blot up some of the excess and let it dry completely. After about 15 minutes your garment will be stain free.

5. Here’s another nifty trick. If you’ve ever gotten your zipper stuck and it just won’t break free, grab a q-tip or cotton and soak it with some windex. Rub it on and around the zipper itself. It won’t hurt clothes and will provide enough lubrication to break the zipper free.

6. This last one’s great for the ladies (and of course some dudes as well). Sometimes we cram things on our fingers that we shouldn’t, like a ring that is just a bit too small.Just spray a little windex directly onto the ring and finger. Rub it around and pull, it should pop right off. Just wash your hands when your done and consider getting that ring resized.

Now there’s bound to be plenty more awesome uses that I missed, so sound off in the comments and share your interesting and intriguing uses for windex with the world.

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