Friday Freebie 5-16

Congratulations to all of our winners!

freebie1I’m bored and have a stack of Beaver stickers, a bunch of envelopes and a cute new roll of stamps. I have to go to the post office tomorrow anyway so I might as well make the trip worth it. Does anyone want to do a Friday Freebie?

For this Freebie you can have your choice of Beaver stickers, either a 3-inch Strange Beaver Sticker in any color you want or a 5 pack of the Original Beaver Badges. That seems like a small gift so let’s spread the love, we’ll pick 10 winners. And let’s be fair, this contest is open to ALL Beaver fans world wide. Yeah, I have some international stamps too 😉

Entering is easy, just send an e-mail to *(contest is currently closed, sorry)* with the subject line of ‘I want a sticker!’.

The entry window will be open until midnight Eastern time. After that we’ll notify the 10 winners to mail them their prize. Good luck Beavers!

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