Everything Wrong With Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

After Fantastic Four, the studio and all the stars somehow decided a sequel was a good idea (probably had something to do with box office prior to word of mouth spreading). Anyway, it’s arguably even worse than the first one, so of course we had to go digging for sins.

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  • Somebody

    I must have fallen asleep during that one. I know I saw at least part of it, but this review clearly has a lot of scenes I haven’t seen.

    Movie sucked.. because.. surfboard.
    Seriously… WHY A SURFBOARD? Surfboards are surfboards because WATER. Not because FLY THROUGH SPACE. Like the idiot movie producers just pick crap because.. huh, kids like surfing, so throw in a surf board. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t used for surfing, its cool because its a surf board.

    Spiderman3 did the same stupid crap with a snow board.