Ultimate ATVs vs. Dirt Bikes Fails

Fail Army latest ultimate fails clip pits ATV fails against Dirt Bike fails. Who failed the hardest?

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  • Somebody

    These crashes aren’t even entertaining to watch. These are mostly just complete imbeciles — the type who ruin things for the rest of us by doing dangerous, stupid, and irresponsible things. Its responses to things like this that result in more unbearable rules and restrictions for the rest of us…. licensing, insurance, safety gear… stuff like that which is entirely unnecessary for people who have even the slightest hint of responsibility.

    Having said that, there are a couple of crashes in there that were done by people who are obviously pros. I’m ok with those ones, because they’re in proper protective gear and know HOW to crash safely.

    Finally, there are a couple of… interesting… incidents in there.

    1: what’s with dude at 1:03? That supposed to be scary? He’s not…

    2: is that a cross-dresser at 2:23? And not even a hilariously funny one, like the pro’s on duval st. in KW. Its like Thailand or something.