Teens React To The Nintendo Power Glove

In the latest REACT video from TheFineBros they sat down with some teens and showed them the Nintendo Power Glove. It was never as cool as Fred Savage and his little brother made you think. We were all envious watching The Wizard and wishing we could play Rad Racer in style just like they did but alas, some of us grew up with ‘frugal’ (broke) parents that wouldn’t let us have anything cool like that, but that’s another thing for therapy and not for here so back to what I was saying. TheFineBros sat some kids down and showed them how we did things before the fancy Wii Remotes or Kinects let us get hands on with our games, the struggle was real.

With teens today growing up with controller-less technology that actually works, showing them one of the early attempts had fun results. Beyond some not even being sure if it was something old or new, came some feeling it was very cool to wear and a great idea, only to have massive disappointment and a very sore arm after trying to play 2 different games with it, as they learned first hand it just didn’t really work.

Though in the end, when we showed them a commercial from 1989 for the Glove, they all felt just as we all did back then, that advertising works and it made it seem like the coolest thing ever and some even wanted to try again after seeing it… Which of course we had them do in our other gaming series on our REACT channel as a fun extra, we had some of the same teens play RAD RACER with the Power Glove

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