Comedian Spartan Kicks A Heckler

“Rade Zone” is know by the Las Vegas Comedy Community as a Heckler who disrupts comedy shows by heckling comedians while they perform. And if you’re hosting an open mic in Vegas, “Rade Zone” is not a name you want to see on the signup list. The host of this open mic night at The Beat Coffeehouse on Fremont Street had had enough of Rade’s interruptions and told him to knock it off. Rade didn’t like being called out so he pushed the host which was one of the many mistakes he made that night. Wearing an aluminum foil hat was probably the first. The host told Rade not to touch him again but when Rade charged at him, the host did his best King Leonidas impersonation and laid the poor guy out.

*We’re sorry for the video quality and choppiness.

*Language warning*

Via: TheComic’sComic

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