Rough Seas

This Pacific Sun Cruise liner hit some pretty nasty rough seas while it was out and the whole thing was captured on the ship’s CCTV. We found it only fitting to add some Drowning Pool to the footage to complete the ensemble. You know they had to pay out a boatload to these passengers to keep them from lawyering up and suing their insurance. BTW- don’t feel bad about laughing at the epic face slam around the 49 second mark, we did too, very, very hard!

Skateboarder Racks The Sack

This episode of ‘Ow My Balls’ is another skateboarder who obviously hasn’t watched Youtube to see the hundreds of other guys fail at doing the same stunt.

Skateboarder Tears Himself A New One

In this episode of “Ow My Balls!” we visit a little boy named Micah. Micah wants to be cool and impress his friends by flinging himself off a 20 foot flight of stairs at a San Diego High school. It’s fun to watch him scream in pain while his friends just sit there and stare at him. Good friends there Micah. From what his friends say at the end he’s going to need some stitches, taint no way around it.

Does anyone else think of Boy Scouts when they think of a crying child with a bleeding taint in the school parking lot?

Player Takes A Line Drive And Makes The Play

This pitcher takes a trip to Ouch Town after a line drive but manages to pull off the play by throwing to first.