Ever wondered what happens when you press that big, red button on the gas pump?

You and I both know that every time you’re filling up your car, you see that big, red “Emergency” button on the gas pump and think to yourself, “I wonder what would happen if…” Well, thanks to the video below, you’ll never have to wonder again. In this funny clip, one very curious, very dumb young man decides to hit the big, red button.

Human beings like pressing buttons. If you’ve been in an Office Max recently, you’ve probably seen those big, obnoxious toy buttons that say things like “Git-R-Done!” or “That was easy!” whenever you press them. We hate those buttons. But for someone like the dude in the video below, a toy like that would make for one helluva belated Christmas present:

So, now you know. That’s what happens when you push the big, red button on the gas pump. We like to imagine the shock and confusion the guy on the other side of the pump must have been feeling right when those fire-extinguishing jets kicked in. And you just know that dude was probably on his way to a job interview or something.

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