Meme Of The Week 5-6

This week we’re focusing on Jesus Is A Jerk. It’s a variation of the old LOL Jesus.

The Setup: Larry Van Pelt felt the spirit of the lord speak to him, and it inspired him to make pencil illustrations that portray everyday people in everyday events with Jesus with them, guiding them. But what if Jesus was acting like a jerk instead? These edits of Van Pelt’s drawings portray what kind of guy that Jesus would be.

Jesus Is A Jerk, Batman Symbol

Jesus Is A Jerk, Bank

Jesus Is A Jerk, French Horn

Jesus Is A Jerk, Batman Symbol

Jesus Is A Jerk, Haiti

Jesus Is A Jerk

Jesus Is A Jerk, Doctor

Jesus Is A Jerk, Batman Symbol

Jesus Is A Jerk

Jesus Is A Jerk, Dragon

For an expanded list and more pictures, check out the Meme gallery

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  • OD

    lol tell them anyway!

  • Loves To Spooge

    This actually did make me lol!

  • Steven

    Hahaha, last one was the best. The dudes face is priceless.

  • Iain

    Offensive – God forgive you

  • Nial

    lol tell them anyway!

    We so going to hell.


  • stoo

    i cried!

  • Rolls Eyes


    I feel sorry for the current generation. Growing up I had George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams. You have retarded 15 year olds making Net memes. And you think its funny. Jeez….

  • admin

    @ Rolls Eyes, you might like one of the other memes called Haters Gonna Hate

  • Chas

    Richard Pryor? Robin Williams? So you're the kind of douche who guffaws moronically through movies like Brewster's Millions and Mrs Doubtfire. You're in the wrong place, bozo. Try

  • Johnny Tsnumani

    @ Iain

    Unsuccessful Troll was unsuccessful

  • Steve

    @Ian – Have you tried praying for a sense of humour?

  • jose

    not being offended -I am an agnostic-, I have to say that this is not funny at all. It's sad and sinister.

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  • Javier

    mmmmm still trying to find the funny side, but no matter how hard I try I cant…….fail

  • Bob Loblaw

    Jesus loves you as much as he loves fucking with you.

  • Follower of GOD

    This isn't funny… who ever did this should be ashamed..

  • I am a stupid Christ

    This is blasphemy!!

  • A sane person

    Any sane person would realize that every thought that impulses us towards evil and vulgarity comes from demons and satanic entities. So, this 'art-work' is an abject blasphemy that puts the author in a very delicate position: open to the satanic influences and denying the divine.

    Good luck imbecile!

  • Ben

    Religion is stupid.

  • Jessica

    I am Christian and I don't find these offensive, rather, they're really funny xD

    The other religious people here should lighten up a little. This is not how our God really is. Then we'd be in trouble.

  • Alice



  • Billy Mays





  • Paul Spencer

    This is really offensive, please remove it !

  • I

    I once was a jerk, but now i'm forgiven!

    Thanks to Jesus.

  • ron

    They were all funny apart from stab the cow in the eye, bad taste for joke made by anybody.

  • Jesuslovesyouanyways

    Jesus loves you, even when people go and do hurtful things like this. He died for your sins on the cross so that you could be saved. This is offensive and none of us Christians need to lighten up.


    God forgive all those opposed to free speech. My Christian brethren, welcome to the internet – the collective thoughts of all the connected world. Some people will have different senses of humour, different personalities and different views that you may not agree with. The biblical Jesus didn't teach us to pour scorn on our fellow man, but to show compassion and forgiveness and our path to heaven will be through our own good deeds, not how many people we dissed along the way. If you want to feel better about it, just try and imagine jerk Jesus as a different prophet.

  • amazed

    If this offends you than don't look at it. I rather enjoyed it. This is better than 90 percent of the things you can stumble upon.

  • Cheesus

    There is no god, haha.


  • Hitler

    To the ignorant christians being offended by this-

    If it offends you, than stop looking at it.

  • God is gay

    This is mildly amusing and I appreciate the effort made. It makes me sad for America to see that so many people still believe in a man of light that makes fishes into wine. Have you morons ever heard of science or freedom of thought or asking questions rather than dumbly following like a lemming?

    Blah blah blah I believe in the magic man, we mustn't offend the gods, I'm a dumb medieval man, lets sacrifice some dog testicles to the all powerful mighty one. Lets not make funny photos in illustrator lest he may strike me down with a phallic shaped lightning bolt. Jesus christ, shut up with this retarded medieval superstition.

    I'M JUST A SIMPLE MAN, I can't grasp concepts like space and evolution so I just sum it up in a nice dumb package of retarded, simplistic bullsh**.

  • Saint John

    That was really funny.

  • Martti Nisk

    I f'ing love this.

  • "…stab them in the eye…"

    I'm laughing so hard I'm pooping and jizzing at the same time!

  • Dakota

    Who is Jesus?

  • Katrina



  • Katrina

    A Sane Person: Usually those that are sane do not feel the need to reaffirm their sanity by proclaiming it…

  • wow . does jesus knows about this

  • Jesus Swallows

    To all you whiny fuckers calling it 'blasphemy' and demanding it be removed: fuck you.

    We won't bow down to your retarded superstition. We WILL mock and ridicule it EVERY chance we get until we drag your primitive asses into the 21st century kicking and screaming.

  • Ian

    THIS IS SO FUCKING OFFENSIVE LIKE SRSLY. Why would anyone make this crap about my boyfriend Jesus? After we were done having a round of sweaty anal sex a few minutes ago, we decided to go on stumbleupon and look for funny things. AND WE GOT THIS. IT'S SO DISRESPECTFUL TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR AND STEAMY LOVE MACHINE, JESUS CHRIST.

    He's going to cum again guys, and it's going to be all over my face.

  • Jonesy

    Dear angry Christians,

    Now you know how we feel.


    The entire Muslim world

  • spencer

    no offense to all of you that don't find this funny but god gave us many gifts to share with the world humor is one of those if you find this offensive turn away. part of loving your neighbors is to let them do what makes them happy. if this brightens someones day it must be left alone however insensitive it may be. i my self am a christian and i find it humorous cause in a way this work is an accurate illustration of Jesus. he wants your attention and even though on here hating this material are guilty of ignoring him when he tells you something. i feel that this piece is a representation of what Jesus would do if he was here in our desensitized times.

  • Robert


  • Okay, I just saw this when I was Googling my name because that's what I do when I feel depressed after dad beats me, and I gotta say, what the fuck. Seriously, you make me look really mean and I'm totally not like that. I know how magnets work — I've seen LOST, dad dammit! — and I would take the bullet out before healing that guy's wound! Come on, how stupid do you think I am? I'm all powerful and I hate Insane Clown Posse! Oh, and I hate "Freebird." Fucking A. Oh, AND I DID fight a dragon! It's in the Bible's deleted scenes. You assholes are giving me a headache. I'm gonna go turn water into wine and get crunk with Moses and Mary Magdalene. Fuck you guys. I'm sending you all to hell. Peace out, dickheads.

  • How can people not think this shit is funny. If you don't think this is funny you take life way to serious. Then again I put Jesus in the same category as the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny, things people believe in until they get a little sense of their own, maybe sense of humor comes with it also.

  • Uhh, guys?

    Uh, to the people that are so offended by this: the entire humor of it is the absurdity. I'm pretty sure a web comic mirroring another internet fad for the sake of amusement is not satanic.

    And to the people that think it's hilarious: good! Someone with a sense of humor!

    And to those who were offended by some segments of it: very reasonable. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    But to those who discriminate by age: I'm thirteen years old. I'm agnostic. I have many christian friends and I think this is pretty funny. Deal with it (you really have no choice).

  • Christian Slater

    Jesus is such a dick.

  • l

    Wa wa wa, you people need to shut up. If you don't like it, get off the damn website.

  • cody

    Your a jackass!

  • Avi

    Setting being offended aside, these jokes were pretty stupid! Where actually was the humor in them? I missed it!

  • fellowCHRISTIAN

    Get a sense of humor, im a church attending, bible reading, god fearing, christian.

    and i think this is hilarious. its called a JOKE people

  • tosh

    and this is why alot of wars are fought because of stupid religion i mean religion is stupid and i dont want to hear it about "oh hey your a blasphemer" there is no god religion is just mans way of coping with the unknown

    if you really are religious im sorry that you wasted so much of your life on this

    congratulations you are now 40 and think you are better than everyone who isnt religious

    go ahead and give yourself a nice pat on the the back you deserve it

  • imbalanced

    jesus fucking sucks cock

  • Jesus


  • To the people who we

    You offend me, please remove yourself.

  • Rulo

    LOL !! "Tell them anyway" made me laugh till tears came out my eyes !!!

    Thnx who ever did this !!! = D

  • Cristal

    Is this really neccessary? Jesus gave his life for our salvation and this is how you thank him. Seek forgivness:)

  • truth

    I guarantee that the smart ass who made this post would not do the same with pictures of Muhammed. This is tasteless because Christians are an easy target.

  • Jesus is a nig

    this is the funniest shit i have seen in a while, all you religious fucks who are offended can suck a fat dick

  • love

    all I have to say is regardless of what what you beleive, it shouldnt be like this. All I see is hate, from both sides and that needs to stop. For you Chrisitians, God created love and did He not say love one another. and yet many christians do not abide by this. and as for those who bash on christ, what good does that do for you? im sure that makes you feel a lot better. Just stop being so angry with one another. Peace be with you all

    Love for everyone,

    sold out for Christ

  • thecjw

    I am christian and I thought this was helarious simply bc I know how obsurd this is and I know jesus wouldnt find this funny at all but still…. lmao I cant help it

  • shut the fuck up jes

    HAHAHA this is hilarious

  • Dre Watkins

    This is hysterical… and not technically blasphemy, since it's a "what if?" scenario. I have to say that even Jesus would probably LOL at this (except for the profanity, lol). If you religious types (which I am one of, by the way) really believe that we are created in God's image then you have to realize that He gave us our sense of humor as well. And I'm pretty sure He didn't do that to make us all uptight about talking about God. If you truly believe that God is your creator, then why do you treat the subject of God as something you should only bring up in church?

  • Karisms

    This iz HORRIBLE!!!! Jesus ROCKS

  • A guy

    Jesus should tell that carpenter that he needs to get better leverage on his drill, lest he sprains thy wrist all to hell and back.

  • Balmor89

    @ Rolls Eyes.

    I enjoy the comedy of Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Robins Williams as well and I find this funny. Maybe you should learn that not everyone has the same taste in comedy and that's no reason to refer to them as moronic. How about we learn to respect each others differences and you shut the fuck up?

  • jess

    jesus isn't real

  • Moot

    All the offended comments on this page is Jesus being a troll.

  • laurie

    Probably the worst thing I have seen. I can't believe people think this is funny. No wonder so many kids are growing up with little or no faith. The respect for God is being replaced with a mockery of our creator. I'm so sorry for those who put this together. I will pray for you.

  • Jim



  • Kerry

    Hilarious! 🙂

  • Is that Larry Norman that Jesus is telling to play Freebird? Larry Norman should totally play Freebird!

  • Talyn Juice

    are these drawn? because damnit they're good drawings!!

    And LOL jesus!! XD

  • HA

    Personally I found it funny.

    May go to hell, but I lolled.

    worth it surely

  • giner

    lol, god doesn't exist. this meme is hilar.

    god was created by man in man's image. get over it. come on, america! i sort of still have faith in us to see REASON.


    I killed Jesus a HELLA long time ago, give it up.

    All you non-jovial christians need to take a step back and fuck your own face.

    You cant stop MEEEE!


    I find this very offensive and dangerous, Mocking the MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE…. how stupid it is…. why do something like this, there are much funnier things that are not this offensive…. I hope GOD doesn't want to make a joke with your lives as I'm sure he can be very creative….

  • Subjectivity rules

    thought i needed wise words for this comment, so I stole some, from someone who knows what wisdom is:

    “We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.”

    “Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

    “You ever noticed how people who believe in Creationism look really unevolved? You ever noticed that? Eyes real close together, eyebrow ridges, big furry hands and feet. "I believe God created me in one day" Yeah, looks like He rushed it.”

    “I believe that God left certain drugs growing naturally upon our planet to help speed up and facilitate our evolution. OK, not the most popular idea ever expressed. Either that or you're all real high and agreeing with me in the only way you can right now. (Starts blinking)”

    “It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's just hilarious.”

    Bill Hicks R.I.P

  • Hahaha

    teehee i love watching religious people get midly offended at something that doest matter.

    -this applies to all religions-

    Just remember the means dons't justify the ends right?

    So stop killing people and indoctrinating others

  • Diren Yardimli

    Not offensive, but plainly stupid. You could have come up with better jokes. Religious people should also understand that God most probably has an divine sense of humor as well. He will understand that these are jokes. However I doubt he will laugh at them.

  • Fuck Paul Spencer

    @Paul Spencer

    How about you dont fucking look at it fag

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  • Gabba

    lol lol lol shut the fuck up jesus ahahaha

  • Infidels are tasty

    Yeah, Christians can't just NOT look at things like this when they are everywhere, like on Stumbleupon.

    Very offensive.

    Oh, and Jesus hated religion. Fun fact for you…

  • GOD


  • Anon

    I'm a christian & I think this is hilarious

    Loved the "tell them about the time I fought the dragon" one

    You people who are offended need to get over yourselves & learn how to take a joke

  • Just Saying

    Hey religion or Jesus or God haters, chill yeah? I'm atheist but I'm not going around ridiculing others for their own personal beliefs :/ I mean seriously, "Jesus fucking sucks cock"? I'm officially ashamed of being of this generation >.<

  • Show some guts

    Very funny, now be brave and do the same for Muhammad

  • Nate

    Wow. If this was Muhammad you'd be shot, or machete'd. Luckily Christians are tolerant.

  • Defender

    Ha ha ha ha. You know what´s really funny? 911. After all, we are free to laugh at what ever we want, right? A hope I make a poit.

  • benson

    fuck me is there anyone left out there who isnt a troll

  • fugu

    OFFENSIVE??? OFFENSIVE is 2010 year of lies…

    This is actually quite funny, specially because it stings people on their worst place…

    Religion is only a blanket for fear…

    Eliminate the fear and you just LAUGH BIG TIME at it… :o)

  • fugu

    About Christians being tolerant… it's not luck, it's just fear again…

    BUT if we atheus weren't tolerant… that would be the biggest problem… because we have no fear

  • Rachel

    >Truth- everyones an easy target, are you new to the internet? There are entire websites devoted to ridiculing the rest of the worlds religions and this one isnt even that bad.

    I thought it was HILARIOUS, and I believe myself to be a true Christian. "tell them anyway" had to be the best one. I enjoy humor and I think that Jesus would want me to, mostly cause I don't think he ws really that inconsiderate…but it would be cool if he played jokes like that lol

  • Mitch

    I was going to make a joke about how the ad below says "Jesus loves you", but these comments by people taking this too seriously have fried my sense of humor and impaired my judgement.

    So, instead….


  • Eirikr

    Why is it that Christians have to constantly portray the Middle-Eastern Jew they know as Jesus as this creepy white guy who looks like a pedophile version Keith Richards?

  • Emc

    Mocking Jesus could really be funny if tried with a sense of humour.

    The total lack of that makes the great drawing of Michael Caine in the 4th image the only bit worthwhile of my time.

  • Rob

    This shit is hilarious!!! Btw…. Jesus is BLACK bro. not white!

  • Bethany

    I'm a Christian and I don't find this offensive at all. I'm pretty sure Jesus had a sense of humor, lighten up.

  • jesus

    religion is all fairy tales & jesus never existed. true story.

  • Jesus

    LOL, these were good times. RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. Y U NO LIGHTEN UP?

  • rw1016

    for all those offended…DON'T LOOK AT IT…this is America and we have whats called FREEDOM OF RELIGION, ASSEMBLY, SPEECH, PRESS AND TO PETITION THE GOVERNEMENT…you know the FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION?! ever heard of it? I'm offended that you're offended, how about that?! Sad that everyone else is wrong if you don't share the same beliefs…wow that sounds like the middle east… :3.

  • Eel

    @Lain Cry more, noob… You are on the interwebz, there are much more offensive things than that floating around on here. Why don't you go make a sign and protest or something. I am sure you can find some more humor lacking, religious freaks to come out with you and wave signs around.

  • Mary Landry

    These are simply awful! Our dear Lord and Savior, the Holy Heavenly Prince of Peace is with you always! He is beside you every moment of your life. When out of the blue good happens, you find a missing car keys or an old friend or you receive a miracle, saved from a car crash you walk away from, or simply have joy enjoying a wonderful time with friends or a beautiful summer day , all gifts from God, from Jesus Christ! Christ guides, protects and loves you, yes! loves you.! Is this how his love for you is returned? Look in your hearts and reflect.

  • Jesus was about as real as Harry Potter. No point being upset about it

  • Augustine

    There is no power in hatred, no power or light in such dark actions, words or thoughts.

    The power, the light , the truth is in our Lord Jesus Christ. I have learned this in my own life.

    It will come to all of you. It will overtake you and you will never be the same. You to will surrender, your hardened hearts will open to the power of Christ's eternal love for you.

    John 3:16 May your guardian angels guide you to the light. God bless you.

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  • LOLing My Way to Hea

    "Your mom had an opening like that" and "Fuckin magnets, how do they work?" are downright hysterical. I almost died laughing by the time I got to the magnet one. Oh man, bravo to you who can make me laugh so deeply.

  • ?

    Let's see… Lame jokes, plus Jesus, equals hilarious? I think not. This could have been funny, but all they did was put Jesus in there with a bunch of F-bombs and a yo-mama joke. Anyone can do that.

  • Friend of God

    I take unmeasurable offense at this… Jesus is more than a punch-line..

    Living He loved you, dying He saved you and buried He carried your sins far away…

    Think about His short 33 years being spent entirely for you… Please stop making fun of my Lord and friend – ask Him into your heart, meet Him personally there is nothing greater

  • I love it and all of you stumblers

    Friend me!

  • This was an excellent creation. It is about time we stopped taking the Jesus thing so darn seriously.

  • Ed

    That wound healing one is hilarious… actually they're all so insanely hilarious it's hard to choose a best – the worst, however, would be the first or late (Alpha & Omega :D).

    This isn't a place for hardcore Christians, is gonna be more up your street. Everyone else, come in and have a laugh!

  • Jack

    God going to get you for this and I want to watch you burn….

  • Jared Nichols

    Anyone who doesnt think these are funny, is an asshole. I didnt want to post a comment, but the people who made a big deal out of it forced me to do it. One of the funniest word dubs i have EVER seen. Im gonna write home about it, i tip my hat to who ever inserted the words

  • Negro

    Oh White Jesus. You're such a wild and crazy not-guy…

  • Mckenzie Cusick

    Pointless. I've seen it twice now on stumble and it wasn't funny the first time, nor is it now. Yes this is money hungry, CORRUPT, ignorant, racist, irrational, America, to whoever said that. And yes, we have freedom of speech and religion. SO, considering the part about freedom of speech I am free to share my opinion saying that even looking at this with unbiased anit-religious eyes, it's still pointless, ignorant and dumb. I have no idea how it's humorous in any way. So to all the people that just think it's just so very comical have fun being lost in the world and not having that rock called Jesus and God to be there to back you up and I'll keep living my life in peace with them and their angels behind me the whole way.

  • Becca

    seriously, this is really fucked up. are you proud of yourselves? this is some BULLSHIT. i cannot believe my eyes, so yeah – moving on from this site!

  • THIS made me laugh. I can't believe all you retards that still actually think the the world was flooded and then the water magically disappeared. And you also think that wine and bread is blood and, MEAT?! I mean, seriously, you EAT Christ every Sunday? That's just creepy. You religious freaks need to GET A LIFE. And you also need to stop shunning modern science while following anything a 2000 year old book says.

  • And who would actually think that Jesus rose from the dead 3 days after being sealed away?

    I would think that some dudes took his body and beat it, 'cause every body seemed to hate him quite a bit. So let's say he really did rise from the dead. Now all of you Jesus Freaks are worshiping a zombie. Nice, real nice. You guys crack me up more than this meme.

    FUNNEH (-_-)

  • There is no God

    God doesn't exist. If you believe in him your should probably stop wasting your life worshiping an imaginary friend and work on becoming more intelligent.

  • Skeet

    Specifically to Rw1016.

    This is teh inarwebs but this isn't Amerika fucktard.

    The sooner you dickheads learn that it's not all about USA the sooner you won't have to ask why the rest of the world hates America. Fuckwit.

  • steve

    the funniest thing is that Jesus is portrayed as white. what a joke.

  • steve

    oh and i'll jump on the 'fuck Americans' band wagon. Jesus is about as real as my third testicle. The scariest thing is knowing one of the most powerful countries on the planet believe in invisible white dudes with beards appearing behind them when they're trying to cut hair our count money. if we needed a God to do simple shit like that what the fuck have we got to show for ourselves.

  • steve

    » Jack said: { Mar 10, 2011 – 09:03:20 }

    God going to get you for this and I want to watch you burn….

    Look at this asshole. he thinks its not ok to make a joke about jesus but it's ok to sentence someone to 'burn'. i presume he means in hell. He also wants to watch people burn in hell? That doesn't sound sadistic at all. Im sure Jesus is really into watching people burn. Popcorn or chillidog?

    That was sarcasm, Jack, enjoy wasting your life believing in fuck all.

  • Tess

    Um…seriously? This is horrible. It's not even funny. People like you are the reason why this world is falling apart. You are the downfall to society.

  • Alexa

    This is absolutely awful. How could you post something so cruel? This is the God who created you and he can take your life just as easily, but he doesn't because he loves you. If this is the way you truly feel about him, then please, i beg you, keep it to yourself. I hope and pray that one day you will have a change of heart.

  • Jud

    You poke fun at religion you're gonna get a backlash.

    For what it's worth, these sketches had my shoulders jiggling big style… couldn't read the last few because of the tears in my eyes. The "lol" ones are the best!

  • Ti

    This made me really sad.

  • x

    this is not funny at all. it is quite terrible actually

  • John

    absolutely hysterical

  • Me


    Everyone has different believes and different points of view on life. But why must we all disrespect one another? Is that necessary? If someone finds this offensive then no need to rub it in. Have some respect for the people around you, and respect their beliefs. Just because you don't believe in something yourself doesn't mean that you have to disrespect what other people believe in.

  • Anna

    People have different opinions. Some think that Jesus really did exist. Well, I grew up going to church every sunday and in my opinion; You need to calm yourself, this is hilarious. Nobody forced you to read these. If you were offended by the first one why continue reading them?

    Btw, to whoever did this, awesome!

    "Tell them anyways" You kill me.

  • The awful grammar on these comments offends Jesus, he didn't put you on this Earth to be so stupid.

  • Chrissy

    I find the comments from religitards far more amusing than the cartoons.

  • chels

    I'm sure jesus would laugh