Things Ruined By Kids

If you have kids, chances are they probably ruined some of your stuff by now. If you don’t have kids, this collection of pictures and stories from around the net will help you remember to wear a rubber.

Permanent marker, Clearasil zit cream, and nail polish. We’re so proud.

Clover the dog meets a permanent marker.

This is why I will probably never buy a new car again. My three children have definitely ruined it.

SO here is my new fancy house (I have 3 boys btw) and they used a fake kitchen set of plastic fruit and veggies and turned them into tools and then sawed and ripped apart my iron baulster…..

My daughter “painted” the cat with 4 different colors of nail polish.

My eye. She poked it.. HARD

Quart of black paint on an oriental rug.

Wii + 5 year-old = OH NO!! Noooooooo!!!

At least this was better than the one that got washed.

My 3 year old thought our fish would enjoy an entire container of black pepper for breakfast!

Acrylic paint + 2 year old = painted carpet, clothing, walls, doors, couch, chairs, gate, banister, and said 2 year old. And dog.

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  • kids are always nice!

  • Guest

    I really, really hope that you're only being facetious. Because if you're not, fuck you. You value physical THINGS enough to wish away your children?

  • Mary

    Hahaa, this is awesome. The comment above me is even funnier. Oh kids..

  • Liah

    Perhaps if you were to better childproof your house some of this stuff wouldnt have happened?? For example, keep your nail polish out of reach so the cat doesnt get defaced?? Im just saying….some of that could have been prevented

  • Bill Olsen

    Is there some part of the term "adult supervision" that you have any cognitive difficulty with?

  • Someone


  • ToldYaSo

    Make you wish you would have used that condom hunh?!?! How about just disciplining them and teaching them right from wrong? I feel bad for the poor animals subjected to those little hell spawn!

  • talyn

    My mouth was open the ENTIRE time.. :O


  • Caroline

    Why do so many kids have access to paint? Any why would you take a picture before rescuing the fish??

  • Crystal

    Talk about absentee parenting or WHAT! Where the heck were the PARENTS during all of these trials & tribulations?

  • Terry

    They did rescue the fish before taking a picture; they're in that bowl next to the tank. I find it very hard to believe that all kids are this destructive.. I was never this destructive!!

    Sure, I made a mess and didn't always pick up my toys, but paint an animal ? Destroy electronics ? Totally ruin furniture ? Leave FOOD all over the car ? No. No. At 4, I could already work electronics better than my parents.. my grandma had a physical therapy machine that she made me set up for her. Annnd… no.

    These are either really stupid kids or really bad parents.

  • parsimony

    Well, I don't really plan on having kids. Too much wasted time and too many religious jerks.

  • I'm a parent myself & have had my child(ren) do a number of crazy things. I'm not going to defend any of the parents to these children, however I have dozed off for 5 min once, and woke up to discover sharpie up the stairwell. Being a parent is a hard job- granted, one we CHOSE to do- but we don't even get to pee in private. If you TRY to do one thing alone (let it be laundry, dishes, accidentally doze off, bathroom break)- this can be the consequence you get.

    The lesson learned: the quieter your children are- the more trouble they are creating.

  • Ray

    Start beating the shit out of your kids when they fuck up its called discipline

  • Anonymous


  • Jess

    Why is someone taking pictures instead of disciplining their kids? And to Ray, hitting you child is actually against the law, now.

  • name required

    That's absolutely hilarious, but it's the parents' fault for not supervising children

    If I let that happen, I couldn't even be mad, I'd laugh pretty hard

  • Nerf Jihad

    c-c-c-combo breaker

  • K

    it's not too late for an abortion

  • Gypsey

    Daaawww. They're so cute! I so don't want one. EVER.

  • Guest

    Oh please. It's time we dropped the facade that children are these uber-precious little godlike beings that bring nothing but innocence, sweetness, and are the ultimate in life fulfillment. They are people. Like you and me. Well, actually, they are more like very short schizophrenics till they gain some maturity and common sense. In the meantime they are noisy, destructive, and make you wonder why people think they are so great. Once you accept the fact that you don't have to worship or even like relatives all the time (even the ones that came from your loins), life and parenting gets a lot easier.

  • Dododo

    Yes kids get into stuff but um why is the paint in any place they can reach? If you dont have a garage I suggest putting it in the basement in a cabinet, locking said cabinet and then locking the door to the cabinet. It seems your kids are around paint and nail polish a lot, after the first time you shouldve taken better preventative measures. Yes I broke toys as a kid and wrote on the wall with marker, but why do your kids have access to permanent marker. Also for a 5 yr old to not only pick up and carry a can of paint would cause noise youd hear but…how did they get it open? Seems like you are making it way to easy for them to wreck the place. I can see writing on something within 5 minutes but this whole thing to me seems like youre leaving them alone way longer in way to large of an area with things they shouldnt be around.

  • hilarious, simply hilarious

  • Willy

    Do your bit for the planet by not having kids. The amount of people breeding and raising absolute scumbags is a joke.

  • Greg

    Does anyone understand that these pictures are not all from the same person. Things happen, calm down.

  • Peter

    These are the kinds of people that watch their kids messing and hitting other kids and then tell the other parents "Oh I'm just so proud of them!" all the while not doing a thing to stop the kids. This is simply ridiculous. I think it's pretty funny that the author is trying to make it seem funny but it's actually really really sad. You don't have to lay a hand on the kids to discipline them, but you have to do SOMETHING. You should maybe try and give them constructive outlets so they don't feel the need to express themselves on animals. You should be teaching them to respect those animals, not draw on them. This is neglect, plain and simple. You know, permanent marker can get you high? When's the last time you thought about where you put the knives?

  • notimportant

    Maybe if you watched your kids and showed them that they are acting out, this wouldn't be so bad. We all know kids can slip out of your hands but HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING YOU LOVE (stop putting so much love in your things, asshole) IS DESTROYED BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO YELL (not hit) AT YOUR PIECE OF SHIT KIDS.

    They will no doubt grow up to hate you for being such a pussy.

    I'm glad all your nice things are shit now, all because you spent too much time worrying about what the neighbors think of your house instead of raising your fucking kids.

  • tim


  • Guest

    Solution: DON'T LET YOUR KIDS TOUCH EXPENSIVE/MESSY THINGS! Who lets a five year old play with an iphone?!

  • Lisa

    This is why you should have to pass an IQ test before you have kids. The bottom line is, kids are expensive and a pain in the ass, so be prepared to handle it or get an abortion so they don't rob my house in 20 years.

    (And here is a preemptive response for you folks who live in a gold plated cocoon of denial, "kiss my ass"! Because this site was a stumble and I doubt I'll ever be back)

  • rob

    why dont you keep things that your kids use to vandalize and break your items with, hidden from them. you can outsmart them you know, they're just kids

  • pba1961

    Pathetic. This is a perfect example of poor parenting…complete lack of supervision. There's a very good chance that these parents are on drugs, and too busy getting high, to properly discipline and supervise their children. Some people shouldn't reproduce.

  • Weez

    I plan on hitting my kids. There is a difference you know. A two year old with a permanent marker is probably the parents fault. He or she should be made to understand why it is wrong to draw on the dog. A six year old drawing on the same dog needs a spanking. I understand that beating your children isn't cool, but the word 'beat' is over used. A swat on the rear does not constitute a beating. People need to wake up and realize that telling a child 'No.' only works when the child understands the consequences. Taking away the tv, videogames, phone, etc. doesn't help; all of their friends have these things. Telling them they can't play with Suzy/Jimmy for a week doesn't work, they have texting and xbox live. You can't make them sit at home and do nothing, unless you want to watch them 24 hours a day. A little pain in the form of a smack on the @ss gets the message across. A spanking never did anyone any lasting damage. I plan on hitting my kids so they don't turn into delinquents, how about you?

  • Alexia

    You would be amazed at what a child can get into in a 10 minute span of time. Especially, if the other parent is absent from the home (permanently or otherwise), it is IMPOSSIBLE to watch a child every second of every day, unless, of course:

    you have the bladder and bowels of steel

    never need to cook something

    never need to do housework

    never need to answer the phone or door

    Children learn in different ways. Some just generally, sorry to say, have more common sense than others and only need to have an example/be told not to do something once or twice before the lesson is learned. If you have one of those, you are lucky! Others are a little more strong willed and need different approaches with parenting. I have two of those.

    I remember before I had children, I said the exact things that were previously stated… then I had children and realized that I am not super human, I have limitations and children, especially toddlers, are going to push those limitations every chance they get.

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  • louis

    …um, yeah

    You sort of suck at parenting… drawing with permanent markers and nail polish on animals is not cool or really very funny…

    tons of my friends have kids and they are nothing like this…

  • Adri

    no, this is why YOU shouldn't have kids.

  • danielle mom of thre

    hahahahahahaha seriously, you ppl say beat your kids, scumbags these kids are two and three year olds?????? seriously you ppl need to calm down!! you don't have kids and why the HELL IS IT OK FOR YOU TO TELL PEOPLE TO HAVE AN ABORTION?????? who the hell do you think you are. how would you like it if one time your kid gets a permanent marker then for the rest of your adult life you can never have a marker…. kids are not dogs or cats that you can give away at will or just kill when you are sick of them getting into stuff. if you think that all kids are angels your wrong do you have any idea how fast social services would be all over your ass if you beat your kids??????? do you know how heart broken to have youe children ripped from your arms because you beat them over a marker or a broken tv!!!!!!!!!!! my youngest is 4 and a lock isn't going to stop her!! she would just find a way to loosen the screws and get the paint out. there is no safe place for nail polish…… these incidents happen ONCE A KID i can assure you because after it happens once then the law gets laid down and i can GAURANTEE THERE WAS SOME VERY PISSED PARENTS AND SOME VERY REPENTANT KIDS HERE!!!! if we think its funny to take a picture then thats our deal, you think its funny to tell us to have a post aborting like ahahah NO that shit isnt funny!!! hahaha yeah kill your bastard kids cause they made a mess in the car!!!! how is that remotely funny or ok to say out loud?????? i think maybe the people writing these nasty things should never EVER EVER have kids, oh whats that you smoke crack and dont care about ever having kids??? thats ok cause your striper gf is screwing all the ppl around town and is one day likely to land her pregnant ass at home claming its your kid ahahahahaha! i DARE YOU TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS WITH KIDS TO GO HAVE A POST ABORTING AND SEE HOW THAT GOES YOU ASSHOLES!

  • Annalyn

    Wow, I thought my child ripping his favorite puzzle apart was a major problem. I was looking for some solutions for parents of 'destructive' kids when I came upon this. I think my child is very much an angle compared to these kids! I would NEVER allow my child to do such things. I'm just curious about how this actually occurred. I know kids can get into stuff, (my house is a tornado) but ruining that many nice things? Woah! Don't you think you would have learned your lesson the first time? I mean, the worst thing that ever really happened was I went to the bathroom alone at my parents house and when I came out there was rice all over the floor. After that, I really started paying more attention because 2 year olds (my son is 3 now) don't realize the difference between having fun and destroying things sometimes.

  • oh my gosh..but regardless of what they do, for them it is fun, only us adults knows the rightness and wrongness, but for them everything is right, I am fun watching kids do that kind of stuff, messing up around in the house is fun, although as a parent we think life differently than kids because we are now more expose to life. I am interested with the parents reactions when kids do that stuff, because really we have the choice to feel good or to feel bad. I salute parents who take their kids out of the equation and just be happy..regardless..