Meme Of The Week 7-15

This week’s meme is Rollercoaster Chess

The Back Story: The meme started with the highly popular stick figure cartoon xkcd. In April of 2007 they posted the following comic:

This planted the seed for many people to try and copy the comic and create their own souvenir photo. This meme has also morphed to include other board games such as checkers and Jenga, and has also moved from just rollercoasters to any on-ride or automatic camera (see traffic cam pic at bottom).

The set up: Glue, tape, velcro or stick chess pieces to a game board and then sneak it onto the ride. Set it up after you leave the boarding station and pose for the on-ride camera. The hilarity of the pictures draws from the absurdity of the situation: A focused thinker holding his or her chin, contemplating their next move amidst the screaming riders.

More images are available in the gallary

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