F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury

With the school year approaching we found this insightful video on THE BEST way to submit a book report. Rachel loves Ray Bradbury’s work so much she would like to go all the way with the literary giant. And to confess her love, she wrote and starred in this awesome video dedicated to the man with the pen.

Starring: Rachel Bloom
Writer: Rachel Bloom
Arranger: Jack Dolgen
Director/Editor: Paul Briganti
Director of Photoraphy: Paul Rondeau
Music Producers: Jack Dolgen and Jon Siebels
Animation: Adam Conover
Sets/Costumes: Matt Allamon
Hair/Makeup: Emilia Adamkiewicz
Drums: Kevin Harp
Choreography: Katie Hill

Featuring: Nicole Shabtai, Doug Widick, Katie Hill, Davina Reeves, Emma Koenig, Jessi Trauth, Mariah Freda, Dave Bluvband, Julia Wiedeman, Josh Ramos, Becky Ferreira, Danny Jolles, Greg Burke, Drew Kaufman, Taylor Armstrong, Paul Briganti

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